People are really scared! Russians warned attending anti-war protest is illegal

Russia: ‘People are really scared’ says GMB guest

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Russian anti-war protestor Marijka has joined Good Morning Britain from Moscow to discuss the Kremlin’s crackdown on demonstrations against the invasion of Ukraine. She warned that people in Russia “are really, really scared” of arrest and imprisonment for attending a protest. 

Marijka told GMB: “I think if we have, like legal protest, it will have an opportunity to protest in the streets.

“I am sure that much more people like we see in other cities see in the world.

“They, they would come to the streets, but we just can’t.

“I mean, people are really, really scared. That’s why just young people, they’re going to protest because they’re still young. They don’t have like families. I don’t know. Credits and etc.”


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