Peaky Blinders: Who is Tommy Shelbys son Duke and what happens to him?

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Peaky Blinders returns to BBC One this weekend and Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) is mourning the death of his daughter. Ruby (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) died in the previous episode, having been diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Tommy went out to get revenge on Evadne Barwell but he was told some shocking news.

Who is Tommy Shelby’s son Duke?

The third episode of the historical crime drama saw Ruby rushed to hospital with a severe condition.

Whilst Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) waited for news of her progress at the hospital, Tommy went off in search of answers.

He visited Esme who took him to a Gypsy graveyard and showed him Connie Barwell’s grave.

She said Connie’s mother was likely to have cursed Ruby as a way of getting back at Tommy.

He had given the Barwell’s a Blue Sapphire that ultimately led to Connie’s untimely death.

Esme was heard telling him: “I heard they threw the sapphire in the river, no one has ever gone to look for it.

“I’m getting it’ll be the girl’s mother who laid the curse.”

In the latest episode, Tommy managed to track down Evadne with the help of Esme.

He gave a brief introduction before killing her and the rest of her community.

Just as he and Esme were about to leave, she pointed out a young boy.

Esme said: “Christians say the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

“I swear to the same. Spirits just took away your child. The same spirits want to give you a different child, Tommy.

“A daughter lost, a son found. Before you went to France a long time ago, you slept with a girl.

“Her name was Zelda, I met her. She said you slept together under a hazel tree in May 1914.

“She fell pregnant, her father threatened to kill you.

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“You had already joined the army and had gone away to France.

“You remember the girl and the hazel tree, don’t you Tommy?”

Tommy looked disturbed as he saw the boy grooming a horse. He said: “Whoever that boy is, Esme, our business is done here.”

Esme declared the “boy born with hazel eyes” was in fact Tommy’s son.

She said: “He calls himself Duke, his mother is dead.”

Duke works at the fairground but is a thief, and says he wants “more to life than big wheels and carousels”.

Esme said she would send Duke to Tommy in order to mend the hole in his heart following Ruby’s death.

There is a chance Tommy will take the child under his wing, rattled with guilt for not being there for his daughter.

Duke may be his second chance in life to prove he can put protecting his family before anything else.

Peaky Blinders airs on BBC One on Sundays at 9pm.

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