Paddy Doherty struggles to breath as he's rushed to hospital amid Covid battle

Paddy Doherty has been rushed back to hospital and given oxygen three weeks after he contracted coronavirus.

The My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star struggled to breathe in a Facebook video as he gave his followers an update on his condition.

As he lay in a hospital bed, the TV personality coughed and wheezed as he struggled to get his words out.

In between breaths, Paddy explained: ‘Covid is so strict as f**k, f*****ng Covid is, God, forgive me for swearing.

‘I’m just short of breath that’s it and I came in.’

‘Back in, but I’ll be out in the morning, just be careful everyone. I’m worse than a cat,’ he joked.

‘A cat’s got seven lives, I’ve got 100 lives.’

‘Catch you all later. Be lucky,’ he concluded.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner was originally admitted to hospital last month with double pneumonia and Covid.

At the time Paddy’s son Simey asked the 61-year-old’s fans to ‘pray’ for his dad.

‘Can you please keep my father in prayer please as he is been rushed to hospital,’ he penned on Facebook.

‘Can everybody please keep my father in prayer as I was just speaking to him and he has got double pneumonia,’ he stated in a later post.

‘Also claw seen in the lungs and tested positive for Covid. He’s also on oxygen. Keep my father in prayer.’

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