Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen left ‘angry’ after missing out on new property

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen was left angry after missing out on a dream property by £500.

The Channel 5 shepherdess penned in her book about how she had dreamed of owned a chapel only for her plans to come crashing down.

She had hoped to renovate the property but lost out when it came to bidding.

Amanda, who runs Ravenseat Farm alongside her husband Clive, was asked to submit a final offer for the chapel by her estate agent.

Amanda and Clive offered £82,500 alongside a supporting letter from their bank manager who offered to loan out a further sum on money.

Penning in her book, Amanda told of how she had hoped to honour the chapel's heritage and breathe life into the building.

The property had special interest for Clive and Amanda due to it being where their eldest daughter Raven was blessed.

Amanda explained: "There were rumours abounding as to who had bought the chapel long before we got the official letter telling us we'd been unsuccessful in our bid.

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"Maybe it was really was destined to be a nightclub, petrol station or fast food drive-through; frankly I didn't care.

"I tore up the letter in a fit of pique and threw it onto the fire. Then I quietly seethed as I waited to find out who had really beaten me."

Amanda added: "It didn't take long until word got out – they'd sold to a couple from London who were going to convert it into two holiday rentals."

"And they'd got it for just 500 more pounds than I offered."

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