Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen breaks down in tears as children rocked by heart-breaking death

AMANDA Owen was in floods of tears on Our Yorkshire Farm as she had to watch her kids say a heart-wrenching goodbye to pony Little Joe.

Little Joe, a Shetland pony, had a good innings, eventually passing at the grand old age of 40 in this week's episode of the Channel 5 show.

But that didn’t make his death any more bearable for the family, who have become fan favourites since first appearing on the show back in 2018.

The Channel 5 documentary series follows Amanda and Clive Owen and their huge brood of nine children at Ravenseat Farm.

Clive, 66, and his wife are hard-working shepherds on one of the remotest farms in the UK, where they keep an epic flock of sheep.

Across the series, viewers get to join the family in everyday farm life, sharing in the highs and lows of an existence most people couldn’t hack.

This week’s biggest low was definitely the loss of poor Little Joe, who Amanda, 47, realised had died during the night when she went to check on the ponies in the morning.

In an emotional scene, the shepherdess then had to go to her kids and deliver the tragic news to them.

Little Joe had been a big part of the children’s lives, and so they were understandably devastated when they heard that he was no longer with them.

The Yorkshire lass wept as two of her daughters, five-year-old Clemmy and four-year-old Nancy, said so long to their equine buddy. 

Amanda assured the kids the animal hadn’t suffered and had instead just got old and died.

Even so, the news hit Clemmy, who had played a major role in caring for the ponies, especially hard.

Looking for the silver lining, she announced: "Well one good thing, I've looked after him really well”.

Her mum agreed, with the youngster going on to say: "He's been fed really good, and he's grown a lot of wool that's really cosy”.

They all bid farewell to the pony, who’d “had a good life” and agreed that they’d “miss him” dearly.

Upset fans were quick to hit up social media to share their sorrow, with one writing on Twitter: “Rest in peace lil Joe. We’re all out here crying”.

Another added: “Omg, poor little Joe. How heartbreaking”. 

Our Yorkshire Farm continued next week on Channel 5.

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