Non-MCU Marvel Titles Rebranded As Marvel Legacy Movies On Disney+

Marvel movies that are not a part of the MCU have been separated and placed into their own unique category on Disney+.

Disney owns an awful lot of stuff. Which is why there is so much more than just original Disney content to watch on its streaming service, Disney+. Marvel movies, Star Wars stuff, and even content from Fox after Disney acquired the conglomerate in 2019. Yes, that does include every episode of The Simpsons, and technically means Lisa Simpson is a Disney princess.

Since Disney now owns Fox and Marvel, it means Disney+ subscribers can watch both MCU and non-MCU Marvel movies on the streaming service. All of those titles being grouped together under the same banner might have been confusing for casual watchers of superhero movies. It may have even led to some trying to figure out when exactly the X-Men show up to help out the Avengers.

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That doesn’t happen, of course, at least not yet. Which is one of the reasons why Disney has now given Fox’s Marvel contributions their own category. The likes of X-Men and Fantastic Four can now be found in their own new category titled Marvel Legacy. That will hopefully prevent users from grouping them together with the MCU movies and becoming confused.

This move may also have been fueled by the incoming introduction of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to the MCU. If the rumors are to be believed, Marvel is currently in the process of casting new actors to play the roles of heroes that have already been seen on-screen. Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito is rumored to be playing Magneto. If those introductions are indeed coming, then Disney will want to make it as clear as possible that the original movies are separate from the MCU.

As for when Marvel fans will get to see some new characters in the MCU, they might have quite the wait. The next installment in the franchise, Black Widow was supposed to have hit theaters back in May. However, thanks to continued delays brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, it will now not be seen by fans until May 2021 at the very earliest.

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