Nick Ferrari slammed by This Morning viewers after nurses claim ‘They drank prosecco’

Nick Ferrari discusses Boris Johnson's birthday party

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The LBC host appeared on This Morning on Wednesday following Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak being fined for taking part in alleged parties during Covid lockdowns. Nick Ferrari defended the events by claiming nurses “drank prosecco” in hospitals and was met with considerable backlash from ITV audiences on Twitter.

Hundreds of viewers flocked to Twitter following Ferrari’s argument on the ITV breakfast show.

During the debate about the fines, royal expert Camilla Tominey said: “We all knew the difference. You know, people were going to work.

“I was going into the newsroom, but that was a work environment. Nobody was saying, ‘Oh, when we clock up for five, let’s all go onto the roof and start drinking beers.’”

To which Ferrari retorted: “There are 300 plus people for whom Downing Street is their office. It’s not their home.”

“So much as I am sure in hospitals – and God knows the nurses deserved it – did they occasionally have a slice of cake and possibly a glass of prosecco or in the care homes or in factories, if they were able to work or buildings? I think they probably did.

“If it stays with nine minutes, he walks in and they don’t even get the cake out of the box. I do think as it is a place of work, that is an argument he can hang his hat on.”

Several Twitter users hit back at Ferrari during the programme, with many hospital workers insisting his claims weren’t true.

Kath Sian said: “I’m sorry, did Nick Ferrari genuinely just suggest that nurses and care workers occasionally drank Prosecco and ate cake in their staff rooms at work???”

Michelle Morgan tagged This Morning’s Twitter account and demanded: “Why didn’t you challenge Nick Ferrari when he said nurses would drink prosecco and eat cake at work during the pandemic?

“They were late off shift every day. Living in hotels so not to take it home. Scared but holding hands with the dying. Yet you don’t defend them??”

Andy Pickering quoted Nick’s comments and replied: “NO WE F#####G DID NOT. I’m absolutely sick of his sycophantic defenders.”

“Nick Ferrari and Micky Fabricant perhaps suggesting a scenario in which we should believe there would’ve been fewer #COVID19 deaths in the UK if #NHS staff hadn’t been p*****g it up on Prosecco,” Mike S wrote.

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“B******s. AND … #Brexit has pushed up the price by 18%.”

@MrsO tweeted: “How dare @NickFerrariLBC say nurses were having a slice of cake and prosecco, ‘I think they probably were’.

“No, they were battling with inadequate PPE looking after people whose families couldn’t be with them and comfort them.”

To which @TheManintheJar replied: “Some nurses, doctors, and other health workers as they were working, trying to save covid patients, were themselves catching covid and dying from it.

“They weren’t eating cake or drinking prosecco. Such lazy assertions by Ferrari, reflect on him and not health professionals.”

Ferrari’s comments echoed Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant’s interview with BBC News on Tuesday afternoon, in which he claimed teachers and nurses would have a quiet drink after work.

Both Johnson and Sunak have since been hit with Fixed Penalty Notices following the latest revelations in the investigation into Downing Street parties.

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