NCIS Pauley Perrette issues passionate plea against Ukrainian war: Who cares!

Pauley Perrette: NCIS star discusses upcoming Broke episode

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NCIS veteran Pauley Perrette played forensic scientist Abby Sciuto in several incarnations of the franchise. Her longest stint came from her long-standing role in NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service which she joined in 2003. She has also starred in the Los Angeles and New Orleans versions of the CBS hit show.

The actress recently posted a message with her 708,600 Twitter followers to express her support for Ukraine as they continue to oppose an invading Russia.

She encouraged her followers to stand with Ukraine and put their small issues aside during this troubled time.

Noticing that people seem to be too fixated on the mundane or trivial tasks that impede their day, she called out users of the platform, asking: “Who cares?”

The star tweeted: “Last week I kept up major yard work by myself, Redoing two bathrooms alone, I carried heavy… YOU GUYS! WHO CARES?”

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She continued: “#Ukranians are being shot and blown up running holding their children & elderly leaving THEIR yards, homes, lives #PeaceInUkraine #Ukraine #StandWithUkraine #War.” (sic)

Her post seemed to inspire most of her audience, although a few took offence to her outlook.

@BoomVermeer replied: “This is how I feel too. Everything seems so abundant all of a sudden, it feels selfish to discuss trivial things. 

“People are wishing they could be distracted by the trivial and not survival.”

@MLPerrini added: “Strong and sensitive girl you are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.”

“I have been thinking the same thing!” Dione Umbach chimed in.

Abby Dilinger was grateful for the star’s post: “Thank you for your support! appreciate.”

However, a few users of the social media app took issue with her stance.

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@FreddieBelli replied to the actress and said: “I’m sorry, but it’s ok to care for Ukrainian people and also be proud of what you have done for yourself, such as yard work. 

“This is a crazy way of thinking… the things we are doing day to day here are still important to you and your kids and family. THEY need and deserve it!”

Peter Christian wanted to see a picture of her support efforts: “I can’t wait to see some pictures of your hard work.”

Her heartfelt tribute to the courageous people of Ukraine gained over 500 likes and 33 retweets.

The star left NCIS in 2018 after appearing in an impressive 354 episodes.

Her latest TV venture was in the role of Jackie in the CBS show Broke.

Only lasting for one season, the series followed a trust-fund baby who was cut off by his dad and forced to move in with his wife’s estranged sister.

NCIS season 19 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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