Mrs Brown's Boys tackles coronavirus pandemic in Christmas special

The cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys will tackle the coronavirus pandemic in its Christmas special.

The BBC comedy, which will return to our screens tonight, will open with Mrs Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) giving the character of Grandad (Dermot O’Neill) a medical examination at the kitchen table.

The programme will also touch upon the Covid-19 vaccine as viewers will see how Buster (Danny O’Carroll) and Dermot (Paddy Houlihan) get themselves jobs as Covid-19 advisers.

Their job is to travel around Ireland encouraging people to take the vaccine.

Elsewhere in the festive special, Mrs Brown also wins a competition to deliver the Queen’s Christmas Day speech.

However, things don’t quite go to plan because she realises she does not live in the Commonwealth.

That doesn’t stop her though, as her family let her an deliver an alternative speech anyway.

The speech, which will reflect on the past 12 months, had to be changed at the last minute as BBC bosses feared the Queen would die before it aired.

Although, after being shown the scripts ahead of recording the sitcom in January, Brendan revealed that he was told to tread carefully. 

‘I replied: “Why? Are you afraid of offending the Queen? Sure you only have to look at what The Crown is doing!”’ Brendan explained. 

‘[The BBC] said suppose something happens to the Queen, before Christmas comes,’ he continued to The Irish Sun. 

‘If we put that bit in the main body of the show, then we will have to scrap the show. I went, “Wow you’re right”.’

Brendan was determined to make the show this year despite the pandemic as he wanted to make people realise the importance of family and friendship.

‘Comedy will always give us a lift,’ he added. ‘When times are tough, we stand by you.’

The episode will finish with the cast singing The Pretenders’ track I’ll Stand By You, changing the words to ‘We’ll Stand By You’.

Brendan and his family will not only return tonight, but they will also be hitting our screens on Boxing Day.

They’ve also landed a new deal with the broadcaster, securing their holiday specials to continue for at least five more years. 

Mrs Brown’s Boys airs on BBC One at 10pm Christmas Day.

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