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Filming for Spanish Netflix drama Money Heist was stopped after the cast were mobbed by fans in Italy.

Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso – who play The Professor and his brother, Berlin – revealed the moment they were "surrounded" by people in Florence's Duomo Square.

Speaking on Netflix special Money Heist: The Phenomenon, Pedro explained: “When we got to Duomo Square, which was our first filming location, it was already full of people.

“‘What’s going on? We have to film here?"

Producer Jesús Colmenar added: “They surrounded us as if it were a soccer stadium."

Alvaro continued: “They stayed deathly silent, which was wonderful.”

Once filming for the sequence had finished, the pair went to "go say hi to everyone".

But their decision backfired when they realised the crowd had continued to grow even bigger.

Pedro said: "We took three or four steps, and as we approached them, suddenly, they were coming from all sides.

"We couldn't finish filming."

The same thing happend as the cast arrived at Plaza Michelangelo in Florence for another scene, but this time the actors waited until they had finished filming before mingling with fans.

Earlier this month Alvaro teased a bitter end for Lisbon in the next series.

Part 4 was released in April and viewers saw Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) arrive in the Bank of Spain as The Professor helped save her from jail and reunited her with the other robbers.

Alvaro Morte says Raquel Murillo, also known as Lisbon, may not come out alive and would like to see the ultimate schemer end the show as the last man standing.

Speaking at The Chelsea Film Festival he said: "I’m aware this comment will make me very unpopular.

“The Professor was a very weird guy, a very lonely guy and what happened with the band and finding love, it’s really small chapter in his life.

“If we’re talking about the end of the character, I think at one point, I’d like to see him go back to that loneliness, that solitary life that he’s more used to and seems more comfortable in.”

The once shy Professor fell in love with Lisbon and couldn't imagine life without her.

The duo have worked together on the heist on the Bank of Spain and even travelled together in a camper van as they worked on ways in which they could make the robbery work successfully from the outside.

However the smitten pair were separated in season three and Lisbon, who was initially known as Raquel, was arrested and interrogated by the police.

Although The Professor rescued her soon after and safely reunited her with the rest of the crew, due to Alvaro's comments, her fate may be sealed in season 5.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now.




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