Money Heist season 5: Stockholm to die as fans spot worrying Denver clue?

Money Heist: Rafael teaser released ahead of series five

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After a jaw-dropping finale, fans were left on the edge of their seats as they anticipated what could be next for the iconic gang of Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel. As they waited for season five, the Netflix streamers watched the trailer of the Spanish Crime drama where one viewer spotted a worrying clue – which could see Stockholm (played by Ester Acebo) meet her demise in the upcoming season.

Hired by The Professor (Alvaro Morte), eight different people were tasked with undertaking the biggest heist in Spain’s history with the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain.

While he stayed in a secure location away from the bank and gave instruction the gang were inside taking over.

By season four the crew consisted of Tokyo (Ursula Corbero), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Rio (Miguel Herran), Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and Denver (Jaime Lorente).

As well as, Helsinki (Darko Peric), Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna), Marseille (Luka Peros), Moscow (Paco Tous), Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz) and Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian).

With the premiere of season five around the corner, the show released an explosive trailer which gave fans an eye-opening insight into what lies ahead for their favourite characters.

This is where one observant viewer spotted the worrying clue about Stockholm and exposed it on Reddit.

They wrote: “I’ve noticed a lot in the trailer that it seems like Denver is sad about a loss.”

“It might be Nairobi but Bogata said to him that some girl he knew was gone? I thought it might be Stockholm,” they explained.

Stockholm was introduced to fans as a hostage and she later decided to join the crew in season two.

Originally known as Monica, she was working as a secretary in the Royal Mint of Spain when the robber took over.

Although Denver was the villain, the two shared a touching moment and she fell in love with him when she was hidden in a vault.

As a way to keep the gang’s identities anonymous The Professor named them after cities and following suit Monica was to be called Stockholm – after all, she did fall victim to Stockholm syndrome.

With her potential death looming the Reddit user also made it clear, Denver could be upset over Nairobi who died in season four after being shot by a hostage.

It’s possible that her death could still be taking its toll, as her passing was a huge shock for the crew and for the fans watching.

Another user responded to the post and stated: “It was Palermo who said ‘say goodbye to her’ to Denver but it could also be interpreted as, a big fight is approaching, tell your loved ones you love them and get your things in order.”

This could also be correct as the trailer showed the gang preparing for an intense war as they were being raided by the Spanish military.

Either way, it’s safe to say viewers will be in for an explosive season as it was also revealed this would be the fifth and final instalment of the series.

Fans will have to tune in to watch if Stockholm will lose her life in battle or make it out with the crew.

The professor also found himself in huge trouble after disgraced detective Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) discovered his location and pointed a gun at him in the closing scene.

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 will be released on Friday, September 3 on Netflix. Volume 2 is coming Friday, December 3.

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