Moira, Amy and Matty taken in by police over Kyle's murder of Al in Emmerdale

It was the lie that was never going to last, that Cain (Jeff Hordley) shot Al (Michael Wildman) instead of Kyle (Hughey Quinn), but things are unravelling faster than Cain ever imagined with an entire family set to be destroyed by the truth in Emmerdale.

With so many in on the lie, the consequences will be felt far and wide.

The police are closing in and they come at Moira (Natalie J Robb), Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), Matty (Ash Palmisciano), and Mack (Lawrence Robb) from all different directions.

Each of them is individually hauled in for questioning and now all they can do is hope that the others manage to stick to their story. Or will the divide and conquer technique be their undoing?

Moira holds up under questioning, sticking avidly to her story while under pressure in the police interview room. She even survives being grilled over her suspicious trip away with Kyle. Mackenzie also fends off DS Malik’s attempts to get him to crack like a pro. But Amy and Matty are not so prepared for having their stories tested, and DS Malik knows who the weak links are.

Amy tries hard to stick to what they practiced, but she’s scared as is Matty, who has a reality slap when DS Malik manipulates him with the line of how dire the consequences will be if he perverts the course of justice. He’s a quivering wreck and with one flick of the finger and he’d shatter into a thousand pieces.

After their gruelling questioning, they all come back together and realise just how high the stakes are for all involved. The next day, Moira is concerned with Caleb’s involvement in Kyle’s and questions his methods, but he’s defensive.

She’s in for a shock when Cain arranges for them to have a call that afternoon as it means they were previously not on speaking terms, but her joy is short lived. DS Malik shows up back at Butlers unannounced, he’s back for Kyle and takes him in for further questioning. This is it.

This is the moment Moira and co can put their heads between their knees and kiss their backsides goodbye as Kyle reaffirms that yes, it was him who murdered Al.

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