Michelle Heaton running out of cash after false rumours she has coronavirus forced her to self-isolate

MICHELLE Heaton says she is running out of cash due to rumours she has coronavirus following the diagnosis of her next door neighbour.

The former Liberty X singer insists she is fine, but has had a number of jobs cancelled as a result.

Speaking on Dan Wootton’s talkRADIO Drive Time show, Michelle, 40, said: “I’ve had about three or four jobs cancelled. That’s our day to day living.

“Everyone assumes somebody in the public eye has loads of money in the bank and we’re all good but this is how we survive. A job is a job.

“Unfortunately it’s usually with public attendance and that’s what they’re cancelling. So it affects everybody.”

Michelle said she was self-isolating as a precaution, even though she had not had contact with her neighbour.

She said: "I haven't [had contact] for quite some time, but others on the road have. Although none us have symptoms per se.

"But they all have had interaction over the past two weeks, and I have with them."

Michelle admitted to having a cough and falling "very, very ill" upon her return from a recent trip to Bali, but has not had symptons severe enough to warrant a test.

Despite falling victim to accusations, Michelle admitted to panic buying herself over the covid-19 virus.

Michelle said: “Don’t get me wrong I went to Costco and bought 20 toilet rolls.”

She previously explained on Instagram that the family had decided to go into "house isolation" after "much deliberation".


She said: "I do have a cough, AJ has sniffles, but kids get sniffles, it's a delicate situation. But I decided to do this, it was 12 days ago when the person was taken away and confirmed.

The singer added: "I'm as clueless as everyone else but I am taking that reaction as AJ has a weak immune system as he had meningitis, and we don't want to bring anything into the school."

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