MasterChef contestant breaks down in tears over family recipe dish Done your dad proud

Masterchef: Contestant cries over judges' praise of father's dish

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Thomas, 60, presented his childhood favourite rice dish to judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode as well as guest Jay Rayner. Looking nervous, he waited for feedback with bated breath, and when the three applauded the dish Thomas was overcome with emotion and began to cry on the BBC cooking show, explaining how much the particular recipe meant to him.

Inspired by a dish his dad made him as a child, Thomas served yam rice.

The plate consisted of jasmine rice cooked in chicken stock, soy sauce, oyster sauce and spices as well as pork belly, fried yam, lotus root crisps, spring onion oil and a pork sauce.

“The carrot looks like Olaf out of Frozen,” John commented when the food was served.

He added: “The rest of it is all very brown.” Journalist Jay chimed: “Brown’s good, all the best foods are brown.”

After sampling the dish, John stated: “I think the pork is beautifully cooked, your rice is really well-cooked.

“You’ve toasted it first so it’s gone really nutty. I’ve got this herb oil underneath which is really fresh.”

He concluded: “It’s so exciting on my palate, I can’t stop eating it. I think it’s fantastic, absolutely fantastic.”

“Thanks,” Thomas said quietly, seeming overwhelmed and moved already.

“The pork sauce that you’ve got over this rice is almost sweet like what you’d get on spare ribs,” Gregg remarked.

“And there’s heat in here and there’s salt, the yam hasn’t got a great idea of flavour but it’s a really nice, soft texture.

“This is a great dish that’s really difficult to keep your spoon out of.”

Finally, Jay said: “It’s the kind of thing I adore, it’s a delightful, delightful dish.”

He continued: “It’s the kind of Asian-inspired dish that I was absolutely hoping to meet when I set this brief.”

Thomas looked emotional as the food critic added: “I think you’ve done your old dad very proud here.”

At that point, Thomas began to cry as John observed: “It’s an emotional plate of food, and it’s come from a great place, thank you.”

“Excuse me,” Thomas tearfully replied as he tried to compose himself.

Speaking to the camera after, he commented: “Oh, it was quite emotional.”

He explained: “The dish means a lot to me, it brings back lots of childhood memories. Well, that definitely has boosted my confidence.”

Thomas was the first one to make it through to the quarter-finals after Gregg explained ho all three of them had “loved” his food.

“Well done mate, you are a MasterChef quarterfinalist,” he added.

MasterChef continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

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