Mary's Emmerdale exit confirmed amid fire horror?

Mary (Louise Jameson) is slowly falling hopelessly in love with Faye (Jane Gurnett) in Emmerdale, and her blind love will see her contemplating a move far away from the village and its security.

This relationship is suddenly moving at 100 miles an hour when Faye propositions Mary. But there definitely seems to be something a bit suss about Faye and her mixed signals. What does she really want with Mary or is she just as into their new relationship?

Faye drops the bombshell that she needs to head back to Ecuador to help run the women’s refuge. Mary can’t believe what she’s hearing and desperately tries to convince her to stay, but there’s no changing Faye’s resolute mind.

As Mary tries to digest the news that she’s about to lose Faye, her lover has a twist in the tale for her – she invites her to come too.

Mary is blindsided by the request and takes the news to Rhona (Zoe Henry), but before Rhona has to talk her love-struck mother out of a daft idea, she is pleased to hear Mary come to her own conclusion that going is not the right choice. But like Rhona over the embryos, Mary may prove to be as indecisive.

A chat with Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) could turn things on their head. Mary reveals to her that the one thing stopping her from running after the new woman in her life is her daughter, so Suzy gives her food for thought – that she regretted not following Vanessa.

That little nugget may just be enough to tip Mary into a big decision. The icing on the cake comes when Faye reveals that there has been a fire at the women’s refuge, and thus she must step up plans to leave. But could this be a ploy from Faye to put pressure on Mary into coming with her?

Producer Jane Hudson confirmed that this isn’t going to end well for poor Mary.

‘It’s Mary’s first relationship since coming out. She’s been really vulnerable and she’s really put herself out there and unfortunately it’s not going to be a happy ending,’ she explained to us.

‘Mary is going to have her heart broken. I think what’s really relevant for this story is how easy it is to be scammed, how easy it is to be taken in, how easy it is for love to stop you thinking logically.

‘I think it doesn’t matter what age you are, we’re all vulnerable to be tricked and to be scammed and to be catfished. It’s a really heartbreaking story and Louise is just brilliant and she plays it so brilliantly.’

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