Married At First Sight fans baffled after spotting Jess blunder during Dan call

Married At First Sight Australia fans were confused during Monday's episode when they witnessed a phone call play out between Jessika Power and Dan Webb.

Feeling a little nervous, Jess invited Dan on a date, ringing him up during the wives' homestays in the seventh week of the competition.

In a savage twist, Dan is currently married to Tamara Joy, while Jess' marriage to farmer Mick Gould has completely dissolved in recent weeks.

Dan and Jess enjoyed an illicit kiss last week, with Jess realising she had fallen for the car salesman, hoping to steal him from Tamara.

However, when Jess invited Dan on a date this evening, one of the phrases she used left viewers scratching their heads.

Outlining the things they have in common, Jess said: "We share the same memories for the future."

Dan instantly replied in agreement, saying: "Definitely."

As soon as the phrase left her mouth, Jess made a face at the camera, hinting she realised she'd slipped up with her choice of wording.

Taking to Twitter, viewers wondered how two people could share memories for something in the future tense, as they took to their keyboards to weigh in.

One said: "'You know, we erm, share the same memories for the future.' What the actual hell."

"Creating memories for the future…. #MAFSAustralia I actually think this is a great slip of the tongue. I'm stealing it!" wrote another.

And a third chimed: "Did Jess just say ‘memories for the future'..?"

At the end of the call, Jess and Dan agreed on a date, planning to meet up and get to know each other when they returned to Sydney the following week.

Going back to his wife Tamara, Dan lied about the phone call, claiming he had been speaking to someone about an "insurance thing for work".

Speaking to the camera, he then admitted he was concerned about Tamara finding out the truth, feeling torn between the two women.

He said: "I'm definitely worried if Tam finds out. That’s why I’m going about this a bit sneaky."

Defending himself, he added: "I'm doing this solely for her feelings, I don’t want to hurt her.

"It's hard to keep one girl happy – let alone two."

Married At First Sight Australia continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on E4.

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