Lucifer season 6 spoilers: Fans convinced they’ve worked out episode count for last series

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After months of waiting, the new season of Lucifer is finally confirmed to hit Netflix on August 21. Originally on Fox, the popular fantasy drama is set to conclude with season six. However, the streaming service hasn’t confirmed how many episodes will be in the final outing. A recent theory could hold the answers.

The history of Lucifer has encountered several bumps along the way, including its cancellation after just three seasons by original network Fox.

Thankfully, the wildly popular drama was saved by Netflix for a fourth and fifth season, the first of which concluded last year.

However, production on the highly anticipated fifth season was put on hold following the outbreak of coronavirus forcing the cast and crew into lockdown.

Devoted ‘Lucifans’ endured a lengthy silence from Netflix regarding the release date of season five after filming and post-production were both stalled.


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The hype for the fifth season was renewed earlier this week following the news of the release date for Part 1, and fans were sent into a frenzy when a sixth and final season was also announced.

Viewers were previously concerned when contract negotiations between Warner Bros Television and lead star Tom Ellis were reported to have fallen apart.

Lucifer Morningstar will indeed return alongside Chloe Decker (Lauren German), Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and the rest of the cast, though it isn’t certain how many episodes will be produced.

Seasons four and five were originally ordered for ten episodes, though the latter was picked up for another six following the success of Lucifer’s stint on Netflix last year.

Some fans have assumed season six will also comprise 16 episodes, although a recent theory has suggested the final instalment could run for even longer.

One observant viewer pointed out another season of 16 chapters would bring the total run of Lucifer to an unsatisfying 99 episodes.

They took to Reddit to propose season six should add one more episode for the series finale to bring the number up to a round 100.

Redditor TacoCheeseTomato posted: “Why? Well, if Lucifer season 6 had 16 episodes, the total episode count of Lucifer would be 99. And my brain can’t handle that.”

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99 episodes would be an impressive feat for a series with such a difficult broadcast history, though Lucifer bringing everything to a close with a 100-episode extravaganza would feel much more fitting for long-standing fans.

The fan continued: “Therefore you could assume they would do 17 episodes to end on that 100th episode.

“It would also be kind of ‘symbolic’ that the last episode of Lucifer would be the 100th episode.”

A new series of 17 episodes would be an unconventional order for a US series, although Netflix has given streaming shows more freedom to explore new formats.


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Moreover, no season of Lucifer has had the same number of episodes as the last, so it would feel very natural for the last outing to continue that trend.

Finally, they added: “I know 17 is a very ‘weird’ number, but I think they could make it work, heck, other shows have 13 episodes and stuff like that, so 17 shouldn’t be that unrealistic.”

The episode order for season six will most likely hinge on the performance of season five for Netflix, so fans shouldn’t expect anything to be confirmed until after Lucifer returns in August.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 will be available on Netflix from August 21.

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