Lucifer fans baffled by Michael's mind control powers as he reveals why devil really came to Earth

LUCIFER fans have been left baffled by Michael's mind control powers as he reveals why the devil really came to Earth.

The popular Netflix fantasy drama stars Tom Ellis as the titular character, with the British actor also taking on the role of Lucifer's mischievous twin brother Michael.

Series 5A saw Michael head to Earth to take over Lucifer's life and his relationships, especially that with detective Chloe Decker.

Lucifer's pals soon figure out to the truth and it eventually leads to a physical showdown between the two siblings.

Michael then tries to convince Lucifer that he's been controlling his every move, including his decision to leave Hell and come to Earth.

But the revelation left fans just a little bit confused over Michael's claims of mind control.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “Michael claims he has been manipulating Lucifer since the beginning of time, such as the rebellion and coming to Earth.

"Why does Lucifer believe him so quickly and how could he not have known or remember Michael manipulating him."

A fellow fan responded: "I believe it’s cause that’s Lucifer’s biggest fear, being manipulated, and Michael plays on it."

Another explained: "Michael draws out people's fears. Lucifer values his free will more than practically anything else.

"It’s why he always reacts strongly when he is being manipulated; it's a loss of his free will."

Lucifer season four and 5A are available to watch now on Netflix, with season 5B coming soon.

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