Love Island’s Yewande brands Curtis ‘fake’ and accuses him of having a game plan

Dumped Love Island star Yewande Biala has lashed out at Curtis Pritchard for being "fake" and having a "game plan".

Last night, the dancer's half-girlfriend Amy Hart was left heartbroken after he said that he had been "lying from the start" about their relationship.

As if that wasn't enough, he admitted that he fancied new girl Jourdan and had snogged her while they were playing games in the villa against Casa Amor.

He had also told Jourdan that if he were to choose someone to recouple with, he would have chosen her.

However he told Amy he had been rejected and that it had made him want to reflect on their relationship.

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Speaking about what it was really like to be on Love Island during her appearance on Good Morning Britain today, Yewande said: "I think some people are really genuine and obviously some people have a game plan."

Host Susanna Reid probed her on who she though had a game plan, to which Yewande said: "From watching it yesterday, Curtis really shocked me. I'm still confused about how you can go from 100 to zero really quick.

"He basically said to Amy that he had been lying from the start, which kind of makes you question everything really. Like, did you have a game plan from the start? How have you kept lying to her for four weeks?

"That's a long time to lie to someone."

Yewande, who was best pals with Amber in the villa, also took aim at Michael for his behaviour last night.

The firefighter, 28, chose to recouple with new girl Joanna and claimed the reason was due to Amber's childish personality.

"I'm really disappointed in the way that he handled the situation," Yewande said. "He didn't want to apologise amber and was so quick to call her childish."

She added that while it was "important to go with your gut" that what Michael did was "highlight all of Amber's bad qualities".

Yewande added: "He never took responsibility for his actions."

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