Love Island’s Toby claims he ‘manifested’ his shoe size in bizarre unaired scene

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Love Island fans have been in hysterics after Toby Aromolaran claimed he thought he had ‘manifested’ his shoe size in an unaired scene from the show.

The hilarious clip, which began circulating on social media, shows Toby, 22, sitting with the other Islanders near the pool area outside the famous villa.

As the group begins to compare shoe sizes, Toby interjects with his wild theory, saying: “I have a theory that the foot size is down to the mental state. Yeah. I have a firm belief.”

As the group looks on in amusement, Toby continues: “When you was younger, I believe that if you wanted to be a size, you could dictate the size of your foot due to your thoughts.”

After a slightly awkward pause and questions from the confused group, Kaz asked: “So you think everyone manifested their shoe size, basically?”

As he agrees, Toby then goes one step further – revealing he thinks he made his own feet shrink.

He explains, “When I was younger, I just always used to think, “I wanna be a size 10, I wanna be a size 10”.”

Toby continues: “And I got to a size 10, and said “I wanna be a size eight, I wanna be a size nine” and my feet shrunk.”

As the clip went viral, fans couldn’t help but laugh at how seriously Toby was delivering his theory.

One viewer said: “No but Toby saying he manifested his feet ‘shrinking’ from a size 10 to a size 8 is amazingly comical.”

Another amused fan added: “Toby just said he changed the size of his feet to make them bigger and then smaller with the power of his mind and believes others can do it too.”

They added: “I love him. I don’t care, I love him, he’s won me over.”

While a third applauded Toby for his comic deadpan delivery, writing: “Toby saying feet size is down to mental strength. This guy just says ANYTHING.”

This comes after Toby has become one of the standout stars of the current series of the ITV2 show.

After swapping partners on multiple occasions, the latest scenes have seen Toby declaring his feelings – once again – for Chloe. But will she couple up with him?

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