Love Islands Olivia demands apology from Kai over fake comment – but he refuses

The drama never stops on ITV's Love Island, and a teaser for Monday night's episode will see Olivia Hawkins pulling her former partner Kai Fagan for a chat.

She was left fuming in the dramatic recoupling following Casa Amor, as Kai chose to recouple with new bombshell, Sanam Harrinanan, despite her also choosing to recouple, with Maxwell Samuda.

Tonight's show will see Olivia, 27, demanding an apology from Kai, 24, after he called her 'fake' at the fire pit – but he refuses.

Olivia says: “I wanted to pull you for a chat because when I went to Casa things were good, things were really good and I just want to know what made you have these feelings.

"Thinking I’m not genuine, that I’m fake, I just want to know where that’s come from.”

Kai says: “I feel like you’re happy with Max, I’m happy with Sanam.”

Olivia responds: “But that’s not the point I’m getting at, you’ve said these things and I was really hurt at the fire pit when you called me fake. That’s not the person I thought I knew, they’re very strong things to say.”

Olivia adds: “I do expect an apology for those comments.”

Kai then replies: “I’m not apologising for anything… that’s how I felt at the time.”

It's not the first time the pair have butted heads since the recoupling following Casa Amor.

As they sat down for a chat to speak about it, Olivia brought up the fact that Kai had written her a note in lipstick whilst she was in Casa, that read: "Missing you already."

As Kai tried to explain to Olivia that he had felt that he had a "stronger connection" with Sanam, Olivia was visibly raging.

She told Kai that it seemed like what they had had together was now a lie, before telling Kai that she didn't want to be friends with him and storming off.

Olivia then broke down in tears as she explained her feelings to BFF, Lana Jenkins.

On Sunday night's episode, Olivia again demanded an apology from Kai, which he flat-out refused to do.

His current partner Sanam told him: "Olivia wants to talk to you, just to put water on the bridge, but she wants an apology."

There was no relenting on Kai's side as he replied: "I'm not apologising to anyone'

Sanam added: 'I think from what I've gathered she wants to close that book and so do you, so can't you just both call it quits and be civil because it is awkward for me."

Kai responded: "I am civil with her though that's the thing, I'm not going to sit her and have a conversation with her."

After the chat, Kai said in the Beach Hut: "Olivia wants an apology from me, I don't really know what I'm apologising for and I can say one thing for sure, I'd be walking out that door before I apologise to her. It's not coming from me because I've done nothing wrong."

Love Island fans backed him on Twitter as one wrote: "Yes Kai! Stand your ground, do NOT apologise."

Another tweeted: "I can't believe I'm agreeing with Kai right now but he absolutely does NOT owe Olivia an apology."


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