Love Island's Michael the 'most hated man in Britain' claim his pals as they beg Piers Morgan for advice on how to cope

PALS of Love Island's Michael Griffiths have claimed he's the "most hated man in Britain" and asked Piers Morgan for advice.

The firefighter, 27, caused a stir on last night's episode when he was accused of "gas lighting" his former partner Amber Gill in the wake of a dramatic recoupling.

The Liverpudlian hunk fell for new Islander Joanna Chimonides, 22, while the girls were whisked off to Casa Amor.

The pair then came face-to-face on Tuesday night's when Amber returned to the villa to find she had been dumped for the recruitment consultant.

But it was Michael's conversation with Amber in which he branded her "childish" that got viewers up in arms and had them taking to Twitter in their droves to share their distaste for him.

Commenting on the social media furore, his friends, who have been running his social media accounts while he's in the villa, shared: "Takeaways from tonight: It’s bloody hard running an account for the UK's most hated man. @piersmorgan how do you do it?"

There was a mixed reaction to the tongue in cheek post with some saying they "saw an ugly side" to Michael, while others insisted he was anything but the "most hated man".

One fan commented: "He really let himself down tonight. We saw an ugly side to him".

"When he gets outta the villa you might need to advise him when dumping a girl it’s always best to use the it’s me not you speech as it’s the safe approach," another wrote.

A third shared: "Hahahaha I hope him and Amber work out . You can tell he still likes her he just trying to prove a point at the moment!"

"He's not the most hated man! He did the right thing by going with his gut. Love Michael," a supportive follower penned.

The tweet comes after fans slammed Michael and demanded he be kicked out for "lying" on last night's episode.

Michael told Molly-Mae that he'd slept outside and not in a bed with Joanna when the girls went off to Casa Amor.

But the firefighter wanted to sleep beside her straight away and only waited until the second night because Curtis and Tommy told him to.

During the recoupling, Caroline Flack has pushed Amber to reveal her feelings on the saga in front of the Islanders and Amber replied: "I had a sneaky feeling, it is disappointing."

While Michael told the group: "It feels different really, because she's stood there alone.

"I'm a little bit surprised. There's situations where I thought she wasn't that into me and I was biting me tongue.

"I haven't been myself over the last two weeks. Every time I say something to you you either laugh in my face, which is really disrespectful."

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Michael was accused of 'gaslighting' Amber with his remarks as many viewers disagreed that she was to blame for his mood in the villa.

'Gaslighting' is when a person convinces someone that they've done something wrong when they haven't – which Joe Garratt was accused of doing earlier in the series to Lucie Donlan.

The term originates from Patrick Hamilton's 1938 play, Gas Light, in which a husband convinces his wife that she's gone insane.

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