Love Island’s Curtis suffers awkward fail while snogging new girl Jourdan

Love Island was rocked by a kiss that will send shockwaves through the villa, as well as a painful blow to Jourdan Riane.

The original couples have been split up by the girls being moved to the second villa at Casa Amor.

This has led to an influx of new islanders, all with the hope of turning the heads of those feeling comfortable in their pairing on the ITV2 dating show.

To the surprise of many in the villa and Love Island fans at home, one of the most solid couplings looks like it will be blown apart as Curtis Pritchard has a taste of life beyond Amy Hart.

A series of saucy games has helped the established islanders get to know the newbies and Curtis has suddenly found that he fancies exploring a relationship with Jourdan.

The professional dancer may have a problem though as his first kiss with the model couldn't have been more awkward – or painful.

When the task was for the tallest islander to snog the nearest girl, Curtis wasn't slow in planting a passionate kiss on Jourdan.

Unfortunately for him, Curtis also left her in pain after biting the lip of the newbie.

He has previous for this as well, after clashing teeth with Amy during an awkward kiss.

Curtis admitted to viewers, while speaking from the beach hut: "Accidentally bit her lip, so it wasn't amazing."

Viewers were quick to agree about Jourdan's displeasure at the kiss, with one tweeting: "Jourdan looked injured after Curtis kissed him. Hope she’s ok?"

Another pointed out on Twitter : "Jourdan actually looked disgusted by that kiss from Curtis"

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Despite Jourdan sharing a bed with Danny Williams, and seemingly enjoying a passionate night together, Curtis is looking set to dump Amy in the hope of coupling up with Jourdan.

He had better brush up on his kissing skills if he stands any chance of winning Jourdan over but it looks like it's curtains for Amy whatever happens, when the next dramatic recoupling happens.

*Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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