Love Island’s Arabella broke rules to tell Amy she was hated on outside world

Love Island 's Arabella Chi broke the rules by telling Amy Hart what people on the outside world thought of her.

The model was brought into the villa as a bombshell, but told Amy she was hated by the public.

The air hostess, who dramatically quit the show after having her heart broken by half-boyfriend Curtis Pritchard, says she was told about the public's opinion of her despite it being against the rules.

Amy told OK! magazine: "They gave their perspective. They weren't supposed to and they got told off for it.

"Arabella led me to believe that I was absolutely hated, and I may have been at the time, so I feel so lucky to have come out to so much support. If I'd come out when I was getting death threats, I don't know how I would have coped."

Amy, 27, says she was told about receiving death threats during her press debrief after she walked from the villa.

She said: "My little brother struggled with the trolling and my family were stressed. I was devastated and I think they were devastated watching me."

Earlier today, Amy appeared on Loose Women and fired back at claims that the show was fake.

The speech she made as she announced she was quitting was thought by some to have been written for her.

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Amy said: "A lot of people have said, I've read everywhere, that it was written by someone else, but it wasn't because if you watch the one by the fire pit, I lose it half way through and run out of things to say."

Amy admitted that her phone "went mad" when she finally got it back after two days in hiding until her dramatic exit was aired.

And she says "6ft tall men" have come up to her in the street to say she made them cry.

The air hostess added: "I would not change anything, I'd do it all again tomorrow and taking myself out of that situation has made all the bad things go away and I only have fond memories of the villa."

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