Love Island's Amber moves on from Michael as she gets a date with hot new boy Greg in the Hideaway

LOVE Island's Amber Gill gets another chance to move on from Michael Griffiths as she gets a hot date with new boy Greg O'Shea in the Hideaway tonight.

The 21-year-old was dealt another set back last night as Michael, 27, barked at her to "sit down" – before harshly telling her he had no interest in dating her.

Moments earlier, viewers saw Michael say goodbye to his partner Joanna Chimonides – though he stopped short of quitting the show to be with her.

To clear up any speculation in the villa about the possibility of a future romance, he told Amber: "I am still ultimately in the same place where I want to get to known Joanna. I just wanted to be 100 per cent clear [with you]."

However, the beautician seemed badly shaken afterwards, telling the girls: "He's just f**king odd. He comes to me and says 'Sit down.'"

Maura chipped in: "Sit down? Don't tell me to sit down, who the f**k do you think you're talking to?"

An upset Amber replied: "As if it's me who brought someone back from Casa Amor. All I wanted was to be friends with him."

But Amber's luck could be about to change as she receives a text saying that she's going on a date with new boy Greg tonight.

The text says: "Don’t worry Amber. The boys aren’t having all the fun. Greg is waiting for you on the Hideaway terrace. #guarddown #openminded”

And at the end of the teaser trailer, the Irish rugby player can be seen strolling towards the Hideaway ahead of his date.

Amber hasn't had the best time in the villa so far, after she lost Michael to Joanna while she was away at Casa Amor.

Despite remaining single, the Geordie beauty has narrowly escaped being dumped from the villa, after she coupled up with Ovie Soko as friends.

And it seems that the arrival of Chris Taylor last week wasn't enough to catch Amber's attention, as she attempted to confess her love for Michael again shortly before Joanna's exit.

However, new boy Greg reckons that he will "bring a different edge to the villa."

And the Irish lad is looking for a girl who is all about loyalty and honesty, mentioning in an interview prior to going in the villa that he’s never been the type of guy to have a wandering eye if he’s truly committed to someone.

He admitted: "I'm searching for a girl who is confident in herself, not cocky but she know's her worth.

"I want a girl who backs herself and someone who lives a positive lifestyle."

Love Island returns tonight at 9PM on ITV2.


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