Love Island's Aaron Francis and Sharon Gaffka become first couple to fumble under-the-covers

LOVE Island’s debut under-the-covers fumble saw Aaron Francis take his romance with Sharon Gaffka to the next level.

The lovebirds became the first couple in the villa to get seriously steamy between the sheets since the series started last week.

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It came just hours after Sharon, 25, and Aaron, 24, recoupled following days of constantly kissing one another on the ITV2 show.

The opening episode last Monday saw them coupled with other people, but they then became increasingly attracted to one another over the first week. Sharon quickly grew apart from her initial partner, PE teacher Hugo Hammond, 24, when he failed to pay her any attention.

Aaron was initially with Shannon Singh, 22, but he dumped her when Chloe Burrows, 25, later made her bombshell arrival in the villa. That pair also failed to hit it off.

Then on Sunday, the six girls got to pick which of the seven men they wanted to be coupled with, and Sharon selected Aaron.

He told her that she had now “got the whole Aaron experience”, and showed her what he meant when the lights went off in the shared bedroom that night. Meanwhile, their former partners — Chloe and Hugo — paired up at the recoupling.

Last night’s show saw more couples start to get steamy, too.

Kaz Kamwi, 26, got a serious smooch with Toby Aromolaran, 22, after he realised he had not been embracing their pairing.

Speaking to her last night, he said: “I don’t know how you’ve been feeling. But even the boys are saying it as well — that I’ve been a bit off for a couple days.

“I’ve almost been holding back because I’m overthinking things that I don’t need to overthink.

“I’m scared to embrace it all and dive in, because I’m unsure of my feelings. I’m scared to hurt your feelings. The last thing I ever want is to hurt you. But if I keep thinking like that, we’re never going to get to the next stage. I’m jumping head first.”

That led to them having their first kiss — outside of the challenges set by producers — and afterwards Kaz was thrilled.

She said: “I feel really good. Now we’re finally past the crossroads and it was a good kiss. I had butterflies, a little bit. I’m excited now for us to keep moving forward.”

Faye Winter, 26, and Welsh bricklayer Liam Reardon, 21, had their first proper snog.

Meanwhile, one of the villa’s longest-running romances — between Jake Cornish, 24, and Liberty Poole, 21 — also took a twist with the return of The Hideaway.

The comeback of the secret room was announced via Faye, who received a text which read: “Islanders, the Hideaway’s open tonight. Please choose a lucky couple to spend the night alone. #taketheplunge #latenightsnack.”

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The group voted overwhelmingly to send Jake and Liberty, and once inside they had a massage and a deep conversation about their previous relationships.

Later, the Islanders were treated to brunch outside where six tables were set up, one for each couple. But Jake, who has already admitted his head could still be turned by another woman arriving on the show, told Liberty:

“If there was a girl who came in here who was my type, and you know my type, I would want to get to know her.

“We’re here for the same reason. If there was a lad and he was your type, you would still get to know him.”

  • Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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