Love Island viewers baffled as Kaz says babies breathe through their heads

The Love Island villa erupted into complete chaos when the producers surprised the islanders with their very own toy babies.

Some clearly aren't quite ready for parenthood as Chloe told her baby to "shut the f***k up" in a fit of rage and Faye locked herself in a wardrobe in a bid to get away from her crying little boy.

However, it was Kaz’s confusing comment about how babies breathe that left viewers completely baffled.

While in the beach hut with Tyler and their little one, Kaz said with a straight face that newborn babies "breathe through their heads."

The bizarre theory prompted head scratching on Twitter from viewers.

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"Did Kaz just say babies breathe from their heads. “Babies breathe from the top of their head”. Kaz babes, I can’t keep defending you like this,” quipped one confused fan.

“A baby breathes from the top of its head! Bloody hell Kaz – I have no words,” another wrote.

“Did Kaz just say babies breathe from the top of their heads?! I’ve heard some things this season,” one amused fan laughed.

Elsewhere, others hit out at the popular contestant, who has been in the villa since day one "Kaz thinks she knows it all but she literally knows nothing. I think someone needs to take some biology classes,” tweeted one viewer.

“It’s really annoyed me Kaz has said babies breathe through their heads. Like girl, go back to school,” another complained.

Elsewhere in the hilarious episode, Faye issued her own public health warning to viewers.

The feisty reality TV star urged young people to ‘think before they graduate’.

The girls in the villa have been using code to refer to sexual activity, with lots of not-so-subtle talk of earning "NVQs" and "graduating."

However, after spending some time with her and Teddy’s fake baby, Faye realised she's not cut out for the pressures of motherhood just yet.

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

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