Love Island viewers accuse Michael Griffiths of lying to Amber Gill as they point out what he REALLY said as Joanna Chimonides left villa

On Thursday night’s episode of Love Island Michael Griffiths claimed that his comments about Joanna Chimonides when she left the villa were actually about Amber Gill.

As Joanna was given the boot from the island, Michael said: "I've found what I wanted and now she's leaving " – but ton Thursday night he insisted that he was talking about Amber.

Trying in win back Amber, firefighter Michael told her: “I do still like you. I'd hate it if I didn't actually tell you and I left tomorrow."

However, Amber asked him about Joanna's deaprture: "What the hell was all that you were saying? Your philosophical words of 'I've found what I'm looking for' and all that jazz?"

Insinuating that he meant the words about Amber, he said: "Did you hear me say anything about any specific person?”

Amber is visibly shocked by Michaels claims as she says: "Like that. Wow. Like that."

However, viewers are having none of it and took to social media in their droves to point out how it’s impossible Michael was talking about 21 year old Amber and not Joanna, 22.

One person said: “Michael literally said “i found everything i was looking for AND NOW SHE’S LEAVING” to joanna so why’s man chatting pure bs to amber saying “i didn’t say it about a specific person” #LoveIsland. [sic]

Another said: “Is no one going to call Michael on the fact that he said I've found what I'm looking for and now she's leaving and now he's trying to say he meant that for Amber? Please ! #LoveIsland." [sic]

Others wrote: “Why is Michael lying saying he was taking about Amber when he said he’s found what he’s looking for when he clearly told Joanna when she was leaving that he has nothing left in the villa now??? [sic]

A fourth wrote: “YOU LIED MICHAEL !…You said- "I found the girl that Ive been looking for….AND SHES LEAVING THE VILLA" Thats not about Amber…. LIAR !" [sic]

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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