Love Island star says ITV villa is impossible for islanders to ever escape from

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Love Island's Marcel Somerville has revealed that the ITV2 villa is impossible to escape from.

Series three star Marcel exclusively chatted to the Daily Star during a Facebook Live chat last week.

Talking about his time in the villa, the Blazin Squad star said: "There's no way you can escape, you can probably try running but you haven't got a passport and you haven't got any money.

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"You'd probably get to the bottom of the road and be like 'yo, I'm running away from a villa where there's free food and you're chilling and potentially coming out of it when you're going to make loads of money."

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He also revealed how the boys and girls are separated on their days off.

Marcel added: "But what you do on your day out sometimes you have a little beach day the boys will have a beach day just the boys and the girls will be at the villa and do whatever they're doing.

"They keep you separate so you're having you little chats and talking about things it's a little breakaway.

"Usually they do those on Sundays as they film up until Saturday which is on the Sunday episode and that's why we get the Sunday off."

The rapper also declared that show bosses may have steered Jacques out of the villa.

Marcel explained his point: "I can't talk for producers but I do feel like if someone is bringing certain energy and vibe to the show the producers are more likely to be more like say 'you know what, obviously you aren't having the best time here if you do want to leave then we 100% support it'.

"And they kind of give them the backing to leave…

"There are certain things that they say to you before the show like 'We don't like aggression in the villa' and maybe he was hitting trigger points and they [producers] said' Look if you don't feel like you can't calm down it might be best for you to leave'.

"And I think that's potentially what has happened."


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