Love Island sparks 1,725 Ofcom complaints after fiery compatibility vote fallout

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Love Island has been hit with more than a thousand Ofcom complaints relating to the behaviour of "a contestant".

The watchdog was served 1,611 grievances after viewers were alarmed by one particular star of the show.

Putting two-and-two together, we can workout that Faye Winter had kicked off over the compatibility vote this time last week.

The Real Estate Agent had been furious that Liberty Poole, Kaz Kamwi and Millie Court – who she believed were her friends – had voted her and Teddy Soares one of the least compatible couples in the villa.

Faye had warned her chums that she wouldn't be happy if people she believed to be her pals had voted for her.

Priya Gopaldas helped the Devon-lass workout that she had been betrayed by islanders that she had considered to be chums.

The medical student along with Brett Staniland were booted off the show after receiving the lowest amount of votes by the public who were hoping to save their favourite couples.

Before leaving, Priya seized a moment to grab Faye for a private chat on the balcony.

She told Faye: "I just wanted you to know, we didn't vote for you and Teddy."

This was followed up by Aaron Simpson and Mary Bedford also coming forward to tell Faye and Teddy that they did not vote for them.

Now aware that all of her original cast members and Millie Court – who she had confided in over problems with the finance executive – had all voted for her.

Wanting to let Liberty and Kaz know she was "disappointed", the blonde headed over to the fire-pit to vent her frustrations.

Although she didn't lose her temper with the girls, Faye did unleash at Liberty's then boyfriend Jake Cornish branding him "fake" in a furious row.

Liam Reardon had already predicted that fiery Faye would take offence if she ever found out he and Millie had voted for them.

As expected, Faye did uncover their vote and set out to confront them over their reasoning.

Millie and Liam stuck together and explained to Faye that they "had to choose someone".

Both Teddy and Faye hit back telling them they believed it was "a friendship vote" which highlighted their true colours.

After her chat with the bricklayer and the fashion student, Faye walked off in tears telling Mary and Aaron that she felt "let down" by Millie more so than anyone.

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