Love Island first look as Lucie snakes Molly-Mae with Tommy Fury confession

This year's Love Island has already seen plenty of love triangles, squares and (thanks to Curtis Pritchard) – ahem – spread eagles.

But what we've been missing out on is some good old-fashioned snakery… until now.

Tonight's episode will see Lucie Donlan turn slithery and try to come in between Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury after the Online Buzz challenge raises some uncomfortable home truths.

The drama starts when Instagram model Molly-Mae gets a text.

"Islanders, it's time to find out what the public really think in today's challenge. #Breaktheinternet #buzzing," she reads out, and all the Islanders flock to the game space to find out what viewers at home have been tweeting about them.

Game-master Anton Danyluk – who is currently coupled up with Lucie as mates to save her on Sunday's dumping – gets the Islanders to guess the names in the tweets.

"'What blank said about Molly playing a game was bang on'," he read out, before Michael Griffiths correctly named Anton himself.

"'Blank and blank are meant to be. Look at them!'" Anton read from the second tweet.

"Curtis and Amy?" guessed Maura Higgins.

"Wrong. 'Tommy and Lucie are meant to be'," Anton read off the back, as Tommy made a face and laughed unconvincingly, and Molly looked thunderous.

Anton then moved on to the most explosive tweet, reading: "'Blank deserves more than blank she doesn't like him, she likes 50k.'"

"'Tommy deserves more than Molly-Mae'," Tom Walker correctly guessed – and once again, Molly looked furious.

Back in the villa, surfer Lucie sought Irish grid girl Maura's advice on what she just heard.

Lucie – who decided not to follow Joe Garratt out of the villa when he was dumped last week – asked Maura what she thought of the tweet about her and Tommy.

"Is this mad? Because obviously I've had friends as guys and at stages I have ended up dating them at the end," she told Maura of her and Tommy's close friendship.

"Would it ever happen?" the Irish beauty pressed her.

"I don't know," confessed Lucie.

"Never say never?"

"We could say that," Lucie admitted.

She later tells the Beach Hut camera: "Obviously I went on a date with him so I was considering it back then so I mean, you can never really say never. Sometimes when you're best friends with guys, sometimes you end up together so I'm never going to say 'no'."

It's not the first time Lucie's close bond with Tommy has got the Islanders talking.

Joe was branded 'controlling' by viewers in the first few days of the show when he told Lucie she should stop hanging out with Tommy because it was making him uncomfortable.

And it seems his concerns are now being shared by Molly-Mae, who takes Tommy aside tonight to ask him about his relationship with the blonde bombshell.

"Obviously with the Lucie comment, I feel that I am the jealous type and I am the sort of person to get jealous over situations, but I just feel like obviously you do spend a lot of time together, I feel like she does try to get quite close to you," she tells him.

Tommy, of course, just looks blank.

Later on, the boys are all discussing the outcome of the challenge, and pick up on what one of the tweets said.

"Do you think Molly's faking it or not?" Curtis asks the boys out on the beanbags.

"Anton does," Michael scoffed.

"It's only my opinion on it, they might prove us wrong but they will last together the whole way through this villa," Anton tells the group.

"A hundred percent – I'd put money on it. But they won't last on the outside world."

After Tommy returns from his chat with Molly, he and Anton discuss his feelings.

"I don't think she's in here for money or to play a game," the boxer says.

Clearly driving at something, Anton asks: "So you think she's in here just for love, yeah?"

"That's how I genuinely believe it," Tommy replies.

"So you think if you got voted out tomorrow she'd leave with you?" Anton asks, savagely.

Tommy says nothing but chucks his water bottle in the air.

Will Lucie do the dirty and snake on Molly-Mae by grafting on Tommy? Does she actually have feelings for him – or is she just playing the game?

And how will Molly react to yet another girl fancying her man?

Find out tonight when Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2

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