Love Island fans gobsmacked as they spot Maura’s cheeky bum tattoo

Things heated up in Love Island tonight as the girls packed their backs and moved into Casa Amor.

The move into the new villa was prefaced by a slow motion montage of the girls excitedly walking up the steps.

And as they went, the camera lingered on Irish beauty Maura Higgins’ bum, which featured a tattoo of a kiss mark.

Viewers were gobsmacked by their discovery, rushing to Twitter to share their surprise.

“Maura having a lips tattoo on her a*** cheek is so on brand”

Love Island fan

One said: “Me and Maura have the same bum tattoo. Knew I liked this bitch.”

Another wrote: “Does Maura have a kiss on her bum? Queen.”

A third tweeted: “The kiss on Maura’s a*** please she is everything.”

Someone else noted: “Maura having a lips tattoo on her a*** cheek is so on brand.”

And a fifth added: “Of course Maura has lips on her a**.”

Single Maura was particularly excited to be heading into Casa Amor after her romance with Tom Walker came to an end before he was dumped from the villa.

She seemed to take a liking to footballer Dennon Lewis, who sounded excited to meet her too.

In fact, the preview for Sunday night’s episode showed the duo leaning in for a kiss.

Elsewhere, Anna Vakili’s head was well and truly turned by basketball player Ovie Soko.

She’s coupled up with Jordan Hames and they’re getting on well, but after seeing Ovie she joked: “Jordan who?”

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.

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