Love Island fans convinced Maura catching Tom’s disrespectful comments about her was a set up by producers

LOVE Island fans are convinced producers set up the moment Maura Higgins caught Tom Walker making disrespectful comments about her.

The incident caused shockwaves in the villa, with viewers being gripped by the drama as they counted down to watching the fallout in last night's show.

Sunday night's episode ended on a cliffhanger when the 28-year-old model heard Tom, 29, suggest that he was going to have sex with her before their night in the Hideaway.

Earlier in the day, the two had shared their first proper kiss before Maura won a sexy gym bunny challenge where she was rewarded with a night away from the other Islanders with the hunk of her choice.

While she was excitedly getting ready for the evening, the girls told Maura to go downstairs to tell Tom that she will meet him in the Hideaway.

This is when she overheard the hunk tell the other lads "it'll be interesting to see if she is all mouth".

Tom initially made the comment loud enough for Maura to hear, but he also repeated it to the Irish beauty's face – shocking the boys.

Maura immediately erupted and told Tom to "go f*** himself" – but some fans believe the chain of events was a little bit too convenient, especially as couples normally head into the Hideaway together.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "I'm calling a story set up; Tom randomly plucks up the courage to kiss Maura, she nails the challenge winning her a night in the hideaway with the guy of her choice, chooses Tom who then disrespects her to the lads clearly within her earshot in a very obvious way?!"

A second claimed: "Okay so after watching the Tom auto-c***block incident I can conclude that it was a total set up.

"Either that or he really is a dumb f*** and needs glasses because he clearly glances back, spots her, and continues with what he's saying."

Another suggested: "I believe Tom did say that, but the producers made him say it again, just at Maura came down the stairs, as this series isn’t the best."




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Yesterday's episode picked up where Sunday's left off, with Maura hitting the roof as she accused Tom of "treating her like garbage" and having no respect.

However, when the other boys leapt to his defence she eventually relented – having him carry out a series of errands to win back her affection.

The two did not end up going to the Hideaway together but did officially couple up during the re-coupling ceremony, with the two seemingly over their blip as the episode drew to an end.

The Sun Online have contacted a Love Island rep for comment.

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