Love Island couple chaos as Curtis and Michael crack on with new girls

Love Island could be thrown into complete chaos tonight as both Curtis and Michael admit they're having doubts about their partners.

Curtis is coupled up with Amy and Michael is coupled up with Amber, and they've long been considered two of the strongest relationships in the villa.

But after the girls were sent to Casa Amor with a load of hunky new lads and a gang of sexy new girls moved in with the boys, they found themselves being tested.

And in a first look at tonight's episode of the ITV2 dating show, it seems Curtis and Michael aren't as besotted as they've let on.

Over in Casa Amor, Amy is lying in the bedroom and says she's just hot when Amber asks what's wrong.

But she confesses: "I'm just visualising me walking into the firepit and then him being sat there with some f***ing bird."

The scene then cuts to the main villa, where Curtis is sat chatting to new girl Jourdan.

He asks how she's doing before telling her he wants to "get to know" her.

She's flattered.

The dancer says in the Beach Hut: "Me and Amy are good, I can see a future with her and I enjoy spending time with her and everything, but why am I having doubts?"

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Amber also shows a lot of strength when one of the new boys asks her where her head's at.

She says: "I like Michael a lot. I'm not going to force something with someone here just because I'm worried about what he's doing."

During a chat with Amy and Molly-Mae, who's coupled up with Tommy, Amber admits she's worried about what's going on at the villa.

And Amy says she's concerned their boy will be nice to the new girls, and that they'll read it as "cracking on" when it isn't.

Sadly for Amber, Michael isn't showing the same willpower she is.

As he sits for a chat with Joanna, she tells him firmly she's into him but needs to know where he's at.

Firefighter Michael says: "Over the past two day I've been able to be myself, and I like to say if I've got a problem and I feel like I can say that with you, like if I had something to say to you I could say it, where as I don't feel the same when I speak to Amber.

"So in the sense of that, the scales are tipping."

Meanwhile, Jordan is seen telling Danny about how much he misses Anna and how it would take a lot to turn his head.

But in Casa Amor, Anna snogs new boy Ovie after a heart to heart.

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