Louise Minchin ‘forgets she’s hosting BBC Breakfast’ in awkward on-air blunder

BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin accidentally forgot her cue live on air this morning – much to co-host Dan Walker's amusement.

The awkward moment happened when reporter Alison Freeman was finishing her segment on the restoration of River Keekle in Whitehaven of West Cumbria and was passing back to the studio.

There was an awkward silence as Alison waited for Louise to bring up the weather forecast.

A few seconds later, red-faced Louise quickly jumped in and said: "It's an amazing story. Oh I'm just watching, looking at the beautiful river.

"I'm slightly distracted by it, what a brilliant story. Haha."

While Dan asked if she was just enjoying watching the river, she responded: "I genuinely forgot that I was actually presenting this programme. I was just watching it!"

Dan couldn't stop laughing at his colleague and said: "'Ooh, this is good. What's happening next?' You're next, Louise!"

Louise eventually picked up on her line and carried on, saying: "Right, now we're going to get the news on the weather, wherever you are."

Earlier this month, the pair got involved in another hilarious blunder when they caught up with reporter Nina Warhurst on Christmas preparations in Liverpool.

Nina told the hosts she broke the sleigh’s reins and left all the baubles scattered on the floor.

Louise couldn’t help but joked about the incident, saying: "Nina, go and fetch those reins that you broke earlier."

Dan added: "We've got a bauble down, we've got a bauble down."

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