Loose Womens Charlene White and Carol McGiffin clash in Covid booster jab row

The Loose Women panel was today fraught as Charlene White and Carol McGiffin came to blows about the controversial Covid booster jab.

The pair were arguing about whether those who refuse to have the booster should be classified as “unvaccinated” and how the government had dealt with the rollout.

Both women clearly felt passionate about their side of the argument and at one point were shouting over each other while looking visibly annoyed.

Newsreader Charlene said that it was a “person’s choice” but that at no point did the government claim that the vaccine would be 100% effective and that a booster was always on the cards – and it was, therefore, reasonable to expect the public to have it.

She said: "In just a point of clarification, on the news programmes that I do, when they started talking about the vaccine every single scientist and GP that we spoke to on those programmes were very clear about the fact that yes, we have these two jabs but it will become a yearly thing in order to keep Covid out of circulation in the general population."

But Carol did not agree and said that it was not fair to expect everyone to have a booster after they had “done what they had been told” and already had the two jabs and that it seemed to be “mandatory”.

The 61-year-old said: "But they're making it mandatory by saying 'you can't do this and you can't do that'.”

The two panellists began shouting over each other and Carol said that the Covid booster was different to a flu jab because flu “had been around for a long time”.

Before the debate got out of hand Charlene wrapped it and said “let’s move on” and the panellists went on to discuss if MPs should earn more than the £81,000 they currently receive as civil servants.

Charlene seemed to think the currency paycheque was justified as they do such an important job while Carol believed they were already on enough money and should not get any more.

Meanwhile, guest panellist Katie Piper said that MPs should be offered some level of protection – especially in the wake of Sir David Amess’s murder – but there needs to be more “transparency” about expenses and any sort of “side hustle” that MPs do.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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