Loose Women fans praise hero ITV guest who exposed historic grooming scandal

Former police detective Maggie Oliver was praised by the Loose Women panelists and social media users for her work in supporting victims of the Rochdale grooming scandal.

On today's episode (14 April) of Loose Women, Maggie Oliver spoke about how police at the time failed to help the victims of the Rochdale grooming scandal that came to light in 2012

Speaking to the panelists, Maggie explained that the victims have become like her own daughters and said: "To sit there and watch the light come up in her eyes when she, for the first time, sat there and read a letter saying 'you were a victim', 'you were failed', and 'we should not have treated you like this', was really emotional.

"I have seen that child, she's a young woman now, nearly lose her children because she had been portrayed as 'a madam' when she was 14 and 15 years old."

Maggie revealed she went to a chief constable in desperation to explain that the young girls were victims, however, he "fobbed" her off, "ignored the children" and "allowed this to happen for ten years."

The former police officer revealed that she's had to "fight to the nail" and has been through two sets of lawyers to get an apology for the victims.

Talking specifically about one of the victims, Maggie said: "She has been demonised as a madam, as a criminal, as a child who wasn't worth prosecuting dozens of men who raped her."

After hearing her story, fans headed straight for Twitter to praise Maggie in all that she's done.

One user said: "Maggie Oliver is a very courageous woman, we need more like her to deal with the issue."

A second penned: "Well done Maggie what you have done for survivors is remarkable."

Another wrote: "Maggie Oliver needs to be made Dame Maggie Oliver. So so many people could learn from her, and she's saved so many young girls."

While a fourth said: "We need more people like Maggie Oliver. So brave to speak out and just look what she had achieved."

Speaking about the affects it's had on her life, Maggie went on to say that her dedication to the case cost her a lot and has been "traumatic."

Maggie explained that despite the apology, "things haven't really changed."

The 66-year-old revealed that she has set up the Maggie Oliver foundation and they are there to "help the police deal with this better."

Maggie continues to dedicate her life to getting justice for the victims and host Kaye Adams called her a "true hero."

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