Last Kingdom: Is Sihtric’s wife dead? The clue you missed

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The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now and the Anglo-Saxon story is based on a series of novels called The Saxon Stories, by Bernard Cornwell. Earlier on in the series fans were briefly introduced to Sihtric’s (played by Arnas Fedaravičius) wife and child, and they appear in the books. One fan has spotted a clue from season four which suggests his wife may be dead, and has investigated.

Is Sihtric’s wife dead in The Last Kingdom?

Season four of The Last Kingdom was one of the most brutal yet, as it saw the Danes take the upper hand during multiple attacks on the Saxons.

The battles caused huge tension between the Saxons, as Aethelred (Toby Regbo) was keen to lead an army whereas King Edward (Timothy Innes) was worried about the consequences on Mercia.

His sister Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) was also keen to fight for the people of Mercia and she had taken an army to Tettenhall, where she met Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his men.

The final conflict between the Saxons and Danes was in Winchester, when the Danish warlord Sigtryggr (Eysteinn Sigurðarson) took Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) and some of her family hostage.

Fans have noticed a particular scene which shows a slaughter on a Danish village, and they believe they spotted Sihtric’s wife suffering a terrible fate.

Tredecana said on Reddit: “In season four when the Danes are taking Mercia because Aethelred and the army are in the north, there is a woman who is killed and as she falls it shows that she has a necklace with a Thor hammer medallion, like the one Sihtric has.

“I’m pretty sure it zooms in on it too. I thought this was going to be a plot point of some sort but it seems like nothing went back to that, like it was just thrown in there. Did I miss something?”

Some fans suggested it was simply to illustrate how many of the Danish villages had suffered, with Salmonsid saying: “It was showing English retaking East Anglia from the Vikings. The girl was just a settler that they killed.”

However one fan, allgamerprogram, said: “Episode and time stamp? However if I remember correctly it’s Sihtric’s wife.”

Actor Fedaravičius has previously said he would love for the series to explore his family more, and he would love to see his wife and child return.

He left his family behind when he agreed to join Uhtred and pledge his loyalty to him, and the pair have since become best friends.

There is a chance season five will explore Sihtric’s background in more detail, so fans may see more of his wife in the new season.

Many fans believe his wife, known as Ealhswith (Klári Tolnai), is still alive, with RanchoFiesta saying: “Well, if Fandom is anything to go by, it says Sihtric’s wife, Ealhswith is ‘alive’ and last seen in ep 3.10. So I’m going with ‘not Sihtric’s wife’ in that scene.”

Ealhswith is only a minor character in the books and TV series. There is a chance Sihtric may learn of her death in season five as there is nothing to suggest she will be taking on a major role.

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Fedaravičius previously spoke to about where he would like to see his character go in the future, and he did say he would like to become a Lord so he could provide for his family.

He said although fans have not seen much of his wife and son throughout the series, he hopes to bring honour and wealth to his family and build a reputation.

With this in mind, there is hope Sihtric will achieve his dream before the series comes to an end, and he will be able to return to his family and provide a better life for them.

There is no further evidence to suggest the woman killed in the Danish village was Ealhswith, and it is believed the focus on the Thor hammer was mostly to provide context to Aethelred’s victories.

Fedaravičius spoke to The Screen Chronicles about what will happen to his character throughout the series, and he said he always prepared for his death, if it were to happen.

He said: “When you’re on a show in general like a period drama or an action-packed show, I think it’s a healthy approach as an actor to come in like ‘well, I might die this season’.

“Every season you approach as if it’s your last. I don’t know if it shows but I think we now have a certain work ethic that every day we approach as if it’s the last day on set ever.”

Fans are hoping Sihtric survives season five as they hope to find out more about what happened to his family in the new season.

The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now

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