Kavos Weekender star Ethan Averio reveals how his exes reacted to him being on the show after 'toxic' relationships | The Sun

KAVOS Weekender star Ethan Aveiro has revealed how his exes reacted to him being on the hit show, after a ‘toxic’ situation before heading on the show.

The latest series of the Weekender franchise recently returned to screens, but this time in Kavos, Greece, for the first time ever and Ethan is one of the new faces on screens.

And it appears his newfound fame and growing social media channels have caught the attention of his exes.

He told The Sun: “I came into this show after leaving something very toxic a week before, so for me it was a hot boy summer and all about enjoying myself and enjoying the sun, sea and women.

“It wasn’t really an ex-girlfriend that I split from, I wouldn’t give her that satisfaction, but it was more of a situationship and nothing really mad happened but more the way it affected me a bit, but there’s nothing more dangerous than a healed man.

“It was a blessing in disguise. Like I said, everything happens for a reason.”

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He continued: “A few exes have had a reaction. It’s weird because I only started growing on social media in the past year and going to high profile events and making connections and friends in the industry.

“A few of my exes have come running back but for me it says more about them than me, because why am I suddenly good enough now?

“It all comes down to social media doesn’t it and it shows that sometimes people will go for your status. I wouldn’t say I have trust issues now but I’m a lot more aware now about what I say and who I’m with.”

Now, Ethan has moved on with a new girl and their romance has been playing out on screens on the show.

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The star, who was auditioning for Love Island at the time he was cast for Weekender, has formed a connection with Tasha Kiran.

He explained: “As you can see on the show when it comes to romance me and Tasha are involved. We get along very well and I did actually meet her at a festival before the show but it was just a quick hello with a group of friends.

“We have that bit of familiarity with each other as there were a lot of new people. All I can say is there’s a lot of romance to come, as well as arguments, heated moments and funny moments.”

Hinting at how their relationship might play out, Ethan said he had “no regrets” but did mention the speed things moved on the show.

He continued: “This idea of the bubble effect and stuff like that really is a thing on TV. Being around someone 24 hours a day really, really does take its toll.

“Being with them every day does feel like a long time when it’s not actually been that long in the outside world. I wouldn’t say I have any regrets but maybe I’d have just slowed things down a bit.”

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