Katie Price feared she’d die or lose both legs in horror fall – as traumatised star reveals she’s back at The Priory

KATIE PRICE has told of the horrifying moment she vaulted a small wall on holiday – only to fall 25ft and smash both her feet.

Speaking to The Sun in her first interview since the accident in Turkey in July, the former glamour model reveals she feared she would never walk again. Now she is in The Priory because of the trauma.

Katie, 42, was at a theme park with new boyfriend Carl Woods, 31, and her children Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, when the accident happened. She had had a few drinks and was larking around.

Katie says: “I’m never ever drinking again and I wasn’t even that p***ed.

“We were just all mucking about.

“It was just a small wall which had flowers on top and I thought it was the same height the other side — but it was a 25ft drop.

“I landed on my feet and it was like cement. I tried to get up and I couldn’t.

“Then this pain just hit my legs and I’m screaming, ‘My legs! My legs!’

“Then when the ambulance crew were trying to put me on the stretcher and touched my legs it was horrific pain.

“I remember at the hospital looking down at my feet and they were sort of all bent. I can’t remember too much after that because of the shock.

“Then they were saying they’re broken and said I had a hairline fracture.

“It didn’t really sink in. I carried on the holiday in casts and in pain thinking, ‘Oh, it’ll be all right when I get home’.

“I was trying not to moan about it but I was in pain.”

After more detailed examinations doctors in Turkey told Katie she would have to have pins put in her feet to help her walk again.

She says: “They wanted to operate over there but Carl was like, ‘No no, no, wait to get back to England’. “I’m like, ‘No, no, I’d rather just get it done’.

“They said it was a hairline fracture but if you saw my X-rays, it’s like my whole foot was rotated around the ball of my foot. It’s been smashed like an egg. They’ve had to absolutely rebuild.

“They fitted me with metal plates and screws.

“They wanted to do keyhole surgery but when they got in they said they were so smashed up it was impossible. That’s why they had to do major surgery.”

It took an eight-hour op to fuse the bones in her feet back together.

Katie adds: “Usually when I have an op I know I’m going to wake up with something better.

“But this time I wasn’t sure. I feared I’d wake up without my legs and the pain just wouldn’t go away. I still feel it now.


“The doctors said I’m lucky I’m not dead.

“I could have hit my head and I could have been paralysed, I am actually lucky I landed on my feet.

“It was horrific pain. It felt like a nail gun hitting me continuously, like non-stop electric shocks.

“I thought, ‘I’m never going to walk again’. The doctors said they’ve cut off legs before after seeing injuries like mine.

“My feet are destroyed yet some people think I’m faking it!”

Fighting back tears, Katie adds: “The only part of my body that I’ve never had surgery on is my feet.

“I’ve always had small, dinky, perfect princess feet but now they’re completely mangled, with the most disgusting scars along the side.

“They look like something from a horror film. The scars are so disgusting they look like Cornish pasties. I can’t believe I’ve done this to myself.

“My feet will never be the same again. I have to learn to walk again.

“I wouldn’t even have the strength to stand, even if I wanted to, because I’ve lost all my muscle through wastage.

“It’s literally learning to move my toes, trying to do the same with my ankle. I’ve been through so much mental stuff, you know.

“I was in The Priory at the beginning of the year and I came out a different person, then this happens. It’s just bad, it’s just s**t. So mentally, it’s hard to cope.

“I really have done my feet and then to hear people say, ‘Oh, she’s faking it, she’s had her bunions done’.

“But the good news is I was going to go back in a cast, so I went two days ago and they’ve now put me in an air boot because I’ve healed really well. But it took them three hours to get the embedded stitches out.

“I’ve chosen to go under the knife a lot but this was the worst pain ever, a different level of hurt. I couldn’t stop crying — stitches in each foot, 50 or something.

“But I will walk again. It’s just a pain in the ass.”

Katie is now back at The Priory being treated for anxiety and self-esteem issues following her latest setback.

She adds: “Everything has hit me so hard, not only am I in a wheelchair but I have to learn to walk again and I’m disabled. It’s humiliating.

“I feel so embarrassed being pushed around. People treat me differently and I don’t know why my boyfriend stays with me.

“I just hate it because I’m helpless.

“It’s the most difficult thing ever getting in the bath. I have to lift my own body weight and I could drown if something goes wrong.

“Going to the toilet is impossible. I can’t even do proper cooking or get things down from the cupboards.

“I am being treated in The Priory again because my mental health has been so badly affected.

“It’s hard to come to terms with not being able to walk across the room.

“People think I was faking it because I was still going out and about or still looking chirpy and happy.

“What the hell am I supposed to do, sit on the sofa and get mentally depressed that I can’t do nothing?

“Being pushed around in a wheelchair, people treat you differently.

“I feel like saying, ‘No, I just broke my feet, you don’t need to give me the extra attention. It’s fine’.

“And I feel sorry for Carl because he’s such a 6ft 2in, handsome, gorgeous man, and I bet people look him and think, ‘Look at you having to push her around in a wheelchair’.

“I look at the reflection in the shop windows, it’s demoralising, the heartbreak.”

Katie, who says she has quit booze “for good” and plans to cover up the scars on her feet with new tattoos, is now hoping to marry Carl and have two children with him in a bid to finally have her “happy ending”.

While she is already a mum to Junior and Princess, along with Harvey, 18, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, she has made no secret of feeling broody again.

Earlier this summer she revealed that a fertility doctor told her that if she wants another baby she needs to get pregnant within the next two years.

If she does end up tying the knot with Carl, it will be a case of fourth time lucky after failed marriages to exes Peter Andre, 47, Alex Reid, 45, and Kieran Hayler, 33.


Her last relationship, a rocky 18 months with fitness instructor Kris Boyson, 29, ended for good late last year.

But she is confident she has now found Mr Right, with Carl having more than proved his loyalty in the aftermath of her horror injury.

She says: “I just feel sorry for him because we started our relationship and now I’m in a wheelchair.

“He is so good, I’d be lost without him. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

“I just hate it because I’m quite a strong bloody woman and now I’m weak and vulnerable.

“He stuck by me and that says a lot, and I’ve changed a lot to be with him as well.

“He’s the first man to have changed me in every way. So many men have tried to change me and I’m like, ‘No one tells me what to do’.

“I don’t want my boyfriend to be my carer, but at least I can keep Carl happy in the bedroom. Nothing has changed there.

“I just can’t do it standing up, I have to crawl along the floor so I’m at knee height on him — he’s got no complaints!”

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