Kate Garraway rolls eyes at Richard Madeley after hospital claim

GMB: Kate Garraway corrects Richard Madeley on hospital beds

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Good Morning Britain was invited to Whiston Hospital in Merseyside to look at how hospitals are struggling to give patients the care they need. Whilst reporting from the reception area, Richard began to touch on the lack of beds for patients, but Kate was seen giving her co-star “daggers” as he got the statistics wrong.

Sitting alongside doctors Amir Khan and Hilary Jones, Richard explained: “We are taking you through the journey of outpatient.

“Here at an NHS hospital, they are facing significant pressures, there is not one spare bed in this hospital they are all completely full.

“We’re in Merseyside, we are at Whiston Hospital which of course part of the St Helens teaching hospital NHS trust, which serves a local population of over 360,000.”

Listening to Richard, Kate gave a concerned look before rolling her eyes and interrupting: “Yeah, I mean they do have beds for people that need them.

“I think there is 90 percent occupancy which is about where they like it to be for all the people coming in.”

Insistent on continuing what he was saying, Richard, continued: “What I would like to do at this point is introduce you to somebody called Vicky Booth.

“Now Vicky is a sister here in the A&E department and she took a very brief video diary during her shift just on Saturday night which the hospital here says was the busiest weekend they have experienced.”

Viewers of the programme were quick to pick up on the look from Kate and took to their Twitter to point out the tension.

One user wrote: “Nice wee bit of rolling there from Kate after Richard spouts his usual pish.”

@CareyMarey commented: “Anyone else notice the sly eye roll from Kate when Richard was talking about having no beds?”

@Pinkiepaigey99 laughed: “Not Kate rolling her eyes and having to correct Richard’s exaggeration for actual facts.” (sic)

Kicking off the show, the pair stood outside the hospital in front of two ambulances, where Richard explained: “Welcome to a special programme.

“We are live from the NHS frontline, here are Whiston hospital for the next three hours, we are going to be bringing you unprecedented access from the busy working hospital.

“Just to see what is happening in our urgent care centres when you need them the most. Whiston is the busiest A&E in Cheshire and Merseyside.

“Like many hospitals across the country, it is facing massive pressures, this weekend was the most challenging of the year so far.”

Kate added: “I was here yesterday at the A&E and it was the sort of scenes that used to be newsworthy, rows and rows of stretchers.

“But now it is the norm. It is not just here, across England, 69 percent of patients were seen within four hours last month and that is the worst performance on record.”

Whilst inside the hospital, Kate insisted they weren’t “getting in the way” of the day-to-day running of the centre.

She expressed they were respecting people’s privacy and added: “It’s been fascinating being here.

“It’s a really impressive hospital, extraordinary staff, but my goodness are they under pressure.”

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