Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Poworski are not dating despite trolling the net

Queer Eye stars Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Poworski have confirmed they are not dating after burning the internet to the ground with a series of pictures hinting at romance.

Honestly, the Queer Eye fam were here for it but it wasn’t to be as Jonathan, the hair guru on the Netflix show, shared a picture of them cuddling each other on 5 July with the caption: ‘It was all Antoni’s idea ?️‍? but maybe someday we will fall in love @antoni #notacouplebutitwasfunright.’

His confession came hours after the silly dorks decided to set up a brand new account, @jvntoni, and post behind the scenes picture and clips of their 4 July celebrations.

‘I guess Amurica’s birthday’s our anniversary, babe,’ wrote Antoni, the show’s food expert, alongside three pictures of the pair kissing and laughing in the back of a car on 4 July.

Jonathan then took to Instagram stories to share video of them playing footsie while watching Schitts’s Creek and then reposted a picture from their brand new account.

An account which included them taking shirtless selfies while brushing their teeth and Jonathan deciding he was a ballerina.

Boys, make sure you keep this updated, yeah?

Queer Eye is back on screens on 19 July and the boys co-star Bobby Berk recently revealed how he was left in tears as the show tackles their first ever wheelchair-bound makeover.

The decorating specialist of the Fab Five spoke to about what lies in store for the new episodes, and naturally he’s warned everyone to have their tissues at the ready – with the first episode of the season tackling the effects of gun crime with a man who was left paralysed after being shot.

Explaining how they help him, he told us: ‘We help our first hero with disabilities, in a wheelchair. It was a very special episode for me, not only because I connected with him, because he was one of the most amazing, inspiring, awesome men you’ll ever meet.’

Wesley Hamilton was 24 when he was heavily caught up in gang culture when he was shot repeatedly. As a result, he turned his life around and started a charity focusing on enabling for those living in wheelchairs.

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