Joe Cole brother: The Ipcress File actor’s rivalry with Peaky Blinders’ Michael Gray star

Joe Cole talks about his Peaky Blinders wardrobe

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During Tuesday night’s The One Show, Joe spoke about making his debut in the new ITV drama The Iprcress File which will air on Sunday night. However, it seems the actor will be competing for viewing figures with his brother Finn in the BBC series Peaky Blinders which will air at the same time of 9pm.

BBC host Lauren Laverne asked Joe whether there was any banter between him and his brother over Peaky Blinders.

She went on to point out that Joe had appeared in the Cillian Murphy drama as John Shelby until 2017.

However, on Sunday, Finn will return to the role of Michael Gray, at the same time Joe will feature in the new ITV series as Harry Palmer.

“Your real-life brother is now in the show which also airs on Sunday evening at the same time as your new show,” Lauren began. “Bit of a family dilemma.”

“Yeah… this is my opportunity now, where’s the camera?” Joe joked.

“Mum and dad, if you’re watching, The Ipcress File, ITV, 9pm. There we go.”

Joe was also joined by his co-star Lucy Boynton, who is well-known for playing Freddie Mercury’s girlfriend in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Speaking about her role, the actress explained: “I play Jean Courtney who is an intelligence agent and she is like a walking weapon.”

She continued: “She is just brilliant at her job, she’s so specific.

“And we meet her at the beginning and she’s at such a crossroads in her life.

“Her having to decide between her double life as this intelligence agent and what her family and friends think she is, which is a woman working at the BBC making tea for her male bosses.

“It is pretty obvious which one she prefers.”

Turning to Joe, host Harry Judd pointed out that his role as Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File was initially made famous by Michael Caine.

Discussing his version of the character, the actor said: “I realised while shooting, he’s not too far away from myself and the director James Watkins was saying to me, play into who you are a little bit.

“He’s fun, he’s smart and he reads the room. We have tried to sex it up a little bit.

“I think it’s very different, it’s six episodes, there is a lot more depth, we focus on more detail and more characters.”

“We really explore the world on a deeper level,” he added. “So, hopefully, people who have seen the film will enjoy it for what it is.”

The Ipcress File comes from BAFTA and Oscar-winning writer John Hodge was directed by Emmy winner James Watkins.

The series is based on the globally renowned Len Deighton novel of the same name.

Joining Joe and Lucy in the star-studded cast is Top Boy’s Ashley Thomas as Maddox and Industry’s Joshua James as Chico.

Peaky Blinders and The Ipcress File both air Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC One and ITV respectively.

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