Jodie Marsh restarts decades-old feud with Katie Price by laughing at tweet mocking her ‘Bond villain’ teeth

LET'S take you back to the early noughties when two of Britain's leading glamour girls never wasted a moment to take swipe at each other.

Well it looks like that feud is back on as Jodie Marsh, 41, today restarted her war with Katie Price, 42.

It all happened when a fan of Jodie's tweeted a picture of Katie which was mocking her "Bond villian teeth".

Jodie then didn't waste a moment to tweet back with a series of laughing emojis to show her appreciation at her rival being mocked.

The tweeted photo was from a video that Katie shared of her getting her veneers replaced.

In the clip, she shows sharp metal pegs that have been inserted into her gums to hold her implants.

She can be heard calling herself a "bond villain" in reference to the character Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me.

Katie has yet to reply to the tweet, but we can't wait to see what The Price has to say about this.

Over a decade a go Katie and Jodie were always bitching about each other.

Katie was known as Jordan back then, and liked to have her say when it came to her glamour girl rival.

She once said that Jodie's nose looks "like a builders elbow" and that she has "shagged nearly all my leftovers and not one of them wanted you."

While Jodie once said in a Zoo magazine interview, when asked about Katie: "Who? Oh yeah, her – the one who’s famous for having loads of different kids with different dads!!"

Over the years they have taken quite a few swiped at each other.

However, in 2013 it looked like Katie was willing to offer an olive branch.

Pricey reached out to offer Jodie support at the time when four ponies were mysteriously dumped in her garden.

Jodie tweeted at the time: "Right I know I love animals & I rescue them but….. Four ponies have just been dumped in my front garden!!!!!!! Wtf?

"This is madness!!! I've called the police. And we have fenced them in. If they need a home I'll keep them but who dumps ponies like that?"

Horse lover Katie, appearing to put their differences aside, replied: "@JodieMarsh if you ever need help with saving horses I have 52 acres I can help as I'm sure you no I'm a horse lover too."

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