Jennie Bond hopes the public has sympathy for Prince Harry

King Charles III has a ‘hot temper’ admits Jennie Bond

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Jennie Bond believes anyone who buys the new memoir from Prince Harry ought to be considerate of the royal’s state of mind before they are drawn to their own conclusions. The royal correspondent told Charlie Stayt on BBC Breakfast how she hopes the public are fair in their reviews of the revealing new book.

Charlie compared the book release from Prince Harry to one which politicians and sportspeople also go through regularly.

He asked Jennie, “Wouldn’t we be saying they’re brave for coming out and saying their thing.”

Jennie replied: “You make a very valid point, I think we should have a lot of sympathy for Harry and the mental battles he’s gone through.”

“It is a difficult position to be the spare – it’s a cruel word really. But, he didn’t enjoy his royal duties, it was quite clear before Meghan he was unhappy in his life.”

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She added: “Others have told their story, Diana told her story, Fergie told her story, the Duke of Kent’s just told his story, Henry VIII told his story.

“You are right, but I can only hope that in the telling Harry’s story not too many people are hurt and I don’t feel very hopeful about that.”

When asked by fellow host Rachel Burden, “How difficult she felt it would be for the Royal Family?”, Jennie feared the worst.

The royal correspondent believes any fears the book may be destructive for some relationships are well placed.

Jennie added: “Well it’s obviously going to be extremely tricky and again that sort of damage will be hanging over them all until January 10, when everyone can hear and read this book.

“We are just going to have to wonder how bad is the damage going to be.

“It is going to do nothing to heal the rift between Harry and his brother in particular. I don’t think it’s going to get much better after January to tell you the truth.

The release date for Prince Harry’s book titled ‘Spare’ is confirmed by its publisher Penguin to be on January 10.

The contents of the highly anticipated release have been speculated by experts for months.

Nile Gardiner, a Royal Family enthusiast believes the memoir could be ‘catastrophic’.

He told “There has rightfully been a lot of reaction to the release, and I anticipate this is going to be an angry and bitter book.

“It is one that could cause a great deal of damage to the Royal Family.”

Nile continued: “The tone of the book, based on the title Spare and the front cover, looks to be very dark.

“It may well be the publishing equivalent of a grenade being thrown into Buckingham Palace.”

He added: “The title of the book sets a resentful tone from the start. It will likely not be a book that will be full of hope and aspiration.

“It could be a book filled with a lot of rage and the title is a reflection of that anger. The book’s title alone sends a massive negative signal.”

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