Jeff Hordley addresses Emmerdale axe fears ‘I’m sure it will be me’

Emmerdale: Go behind the scenes in the village

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Jeff Hordley made his Emmerdale debut as Cain Dingle more than two decades ago. The 52-year-old has been at the centre of some major storylines over the years, which include kidnapping, vicious fights and steamy affairs. The actor is set to be part of the ITV soap’s 50th-anniversary storylines, but he shared his thoughts on being axed from the serial drama with 

Jeff’s character Cain has been caught up in an emotional storyline about his mother Faith Dingle (played by Sally Dexter) who has terminal cancer. 

The pair have a strained relationship due to the way Faith treated Cain when he was growing up, but they have tried to put the past behind them following her terminal diagnosis. 

Faith is now receiving palliative care and might still be in Emmerdale when the soap turns 50 this October. 

Producers have revealed a storm is set to rip through the village as part of the anniversary, but little has been disclosed about Cain’s involvement in the soap’s milestone month. 

Jeff spoke exclusively to about his future on the ITV soap which he has been part of for 22 years. 

He was joined by Katherine Dow Blyton who portrays Emmerdale police officer Harriet Finch.

When asked if she was worried about saying goodbye to colleagues who might die in the upcoming storm, Katherine replied: “Well, you never know, do you? 

“That’s showbiz, one minute you are here and the next you are not here.”

“But it’s a risk you take and it’s part of the job, isn’t it?” Katherine continued. “Whatever happens, you get to be involved in some fabulous storylines so you have to seize the day.”

Jeff said the Emmerdale stars only get given a year’s contract at a time, adding: “I sometimes find that hard to believe but they have got to keep the show moving and they’ve got to freshen up the show. 

“But sometimes they do have to say goodbye to people and that is always upsetting.”

He added: “But one day I am sure it will be me, it could be me this year.” 

Jeff has not played Cain for 22 years straight as he left Emmerdale in 2006 to try and pursue other areas of acting.

ITV bosses left the door open for Jeff to return and fans were thrilled when he did.

The actor opened up to Mik Artistik’s Ego Podcast about his reasons for leaving.

“From 2000 until 2006, I’d only been four years out of drama school,” he explained. “I hadn’t ticked all of the boxes that I wanted to tick.

“There were a couple of places where I wanted to work in London. I wanted to fulfil those things. So for three years, I did that.”

Jeff told Lorraine Kelly earlier this year he has been “blessed” to star in the soap for so long. 

He told the Scottish broadcaster: “I remember starting years ago and thinking, ‘Well, I won’t be getting a mortgage.'” 

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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