Jana Duggar Might Be the Rebellious Duggar According to an Old Reddit AMA

Counting On fans never pegged JanaDuggar as the rebellious type. At 29, Jana remains unmarried and seems tobe following the family’s rules to the letter. She doesn’t seem to venture outon her own, she isn’t casually dating, and, frankly, she seems to spend most ofher time on truly wholesome tasks. A church insider, however, claims that theunassuming Duggar girl was actually the rebellious one in the family. Is it possiblethat her rebel days are the reason she remains unwed?

A church insider created an AMA on Reddit to discuss lifewith the Duggars

Back in 2015, an alleged church insider took to Reddit toshare what his life inside an ultra-conservative Christian family looked like. Theconversation quickly turned to the Duggar family, and while some readers were skepticalabout his assertions, his username allegedly checked out.

When the then-teenaged post creator realized he was easily searchable,his username was deleted, but a few of hiscomments remain preserved in a Reddit thread. One such comment suggested thatJana was a rebel who had a desire to break free from her family’s strict upbringing.According to the unnamed insider, Jana once had a desire to study engineering ata legitimate university. She reportedly also wanted to live in New York.

While the alleged insider claims he doesn’t know preciselyhow Jana’s rebellion was dealt with, he claims it’s likely that shunning occurred. Another church insider spoke directlywith RadarOnline about Josh Duggar’s indiscretions, and shunning was allegedlypart of his punishment. There is a precedent for the silent treatment, althoughJana’s alleged rebellion is nothing compared to Josh’sdisturbing behaviors.

Jana once admitted that evolution made sense

Way before the Duggar family started marrying off theirchildren, they took a little field trip to The Creation Museum. The family is staunchlyopposed to the concept of evolution, as it’s in direct contract to their ultra-conservativeChristian beliefs.  Jana, however, seemedto have some serious critical thinking skills.

In an old clip, Jana can be heard saying that she understandswhy people believe in evolutionand that it “made sense.” During the segment, however, she begins to backtrackon her statement. Some fans believe that the 29-year-old crafter may have beenpunished for her comments, although there is no concrete evidence to suggest apunishment was dulled out.

Jana, however, did regularly attend Journey to the Heart, aprogram offered by TheInstitute for Basic Life Principles, the controversial ministry the Duggarfamily belongs to. Journey to the Heart is a program for young women who wantto gain a better understanding of their religious beliefs. ALERT,a bootcamp-like program for young men, has been attended by several of theDuggar boys, as well. Fanshave theorized that the programs are used as a punishment for Duggar kids whostep out of line.  

Maybe she doesn’t want to settle down  

If the church insider is to be believed, Jana had no desireto follow in the footsteps of her parents. If she really did want to go to college,become an engineer, and enjoy life in a major city, she probably wasn’tparticularly interested in getting married as a young 20-something.


Hersingle status has been a point of consternation for years now, but it seemseveryone assumed the 29-year-old just hadn’t yet Mr. Right just yet. If thechurch insider’s information is correct, it’s very possible that Jana hasn’treally been looking for a life partner. It doesn’t explain, however, why shehasn’t broken out of the house and moved into an independent living situation.


It might be a moot point now, though. Rumors are swirlingthat Jana is courting Lawson Bates after ashow producer used the past tense when asking Jana what she looked for in amate. The Duggar family, however, has not confirmed the courtship rumors. TheBates family hasn’t mentioned it, either.

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