Jade Goody’s husband Jack Tweed says ‘I will never stop loving you’ on the day she died 11 years ago – The Sun

JACK Tweed today delivered a heartbreaking message to his late wife Jade Goody saying: “I will never ever stop loving you.”

On the anniversary of her death Jack, 32, said he would make the landmark by lighting a candle for Jade who passed away aged 27 in 2009 from cervical cancer.

The former Big Brother star’s death left a nation heartbroken and Jack was there at the end holding her hand.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun this Mother's Day, Jack said: “Many years may have passed since Jade died but the pain doesn’t get any less.

“I still love and miss Jade as much today as I did the moment went to sleep.

“It is particularly hard today as I won’t be seeing my own mum as normal so will spend a lot of time on my own.

"But I’ll be lighting a candle for Jade. It’s the same one each year, a large candle we got on our wedding day.

“I know I will never meet anyone like her again.”

Jack, who is single and says he has not been able to meet anyone who compared to Jade, said he hoped the legacy of Jade’s death wouldn’t be forgotten.

“Now more than ever, with so much suffering go on, I hope people remember her smile and the way she loved life.

"When you were with Jade it was impossible to feel sad or miserable. If she was here today I know she’d be telling me to live my life, to enjoy and to make the most of every day. She was an amazing mum, wife and my best mate.”

This week Jack made a heartbreaking plea to his late wife’s mum Jackiey Budden to “get back in contact”.

He revealed how the pair have become estranged since Jade's death and he is desperate to get back in touch.

He told The Sun Online: “I haven’t spoken to Jac for a good few months now. I’ve tried to reach out to her but haven’t heard back and  just desperately want to know she is doing OK.

"So to my message to Jackiey is please, pick up the phone and answer my call. Please get back in contact.”

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