Jack Whitehall horrified as couple kicked out for having SEX while he recorded Christmas show with his dad

JACK Whitehall has been left horrified after a couple were kicked out for having SEX while he recorded a Christmas special with his dad.

The 31-year-old comic took to his Twitter page to share his alarm after learning what had happened while he filmed with 79-year-old Michael Whitehall at the London Palladium.

Jack tweeted: "OH MY GOD. I have just been informed that during the recording of my Christmas show with my father at The London Palladium a couple were kicked out of the theatre for having sex during the show."

He shared a series of crying with laughter and shocked emojis before adding: "Who gets horny watching my dad tell anecdotes about Elaine Stritch!?"

Elaine Stritch is a late US actress who was known for her performances on Broadway.

Jack and Michael's one-off TV special is a variety show with celebrity guests and a musical performance, which will air over the festive period.

Jack's no-nonsense father has forged a successful TV career off the back of his son, with the two hosting BBC series Backchat together in 2013.

They have also left fans in hysterics with comedy series Travels With My Father, which follows the pair's adventures as they travel the globe.

The stars' randy fans are not the first promiscuous theatre-goers to hit the headlines in recent weeks, with it being reported last month that a Tom Hiddleston fan masturbated while watching the British actor star in the New York play Betrayal.

The unknown woman's fellow patrons were left disgusted when she allegedly made herself orgasm twice during the performance's steamy scenes.

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