ITV blasted over insensitive Keeping Up With The Aristocrats series Absolute joke

Keeping Up with the Aristocrats: Lord Ivar stresses over opening

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The series includes Lord Ivar Mountbatten and his husband James Coyle, Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard, Princess Olga Romanoff, and many others. However, ITV viewers slammed the show as many felt it was “insensitive” after so many people had struggled throughout the pandemic. A recent rise in taxes and utilities also meant some felt it was not appropriate to see aristocrats moan about being unable to afford a groundskeeper.

Episode one of the series saw Lord Ivar Mountbatten and husband James prepare to hold an evening of fine dining with Michelin star chef Jean-Christophe Novelli.

Meanwhile, Princess Olga was on a mission to find herself a new boyfriend after recruiting the help of her daughter and gay best friend.

She gave a very distinct description of what type of man she was looking for, revealing her mother wanted her to end up with Prince Charles, but she fancied Prince Philip more.

Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard, who own Carlton Towers, opened up on the struggles they face to pay the bills for their huge mansion.

The couple explained they hope to flog bottles of wine from their vineyard for £20 a pop to help cover the upkeep of their home.

Viewers also got an insight to how much they pay in heating and electricity bills, with the pair trying to find cheaper and alternative ways to heat their manor.

Despite the light-hearted intentions of the show, fans were annoyed and upset with ITV over the “insensitive” timing with many insisting it wasn’t appropriate given how many people are struggling with the cost of living in the UK.

Taking to Twitter to comment, @JillHudson21 wrote: “They’re bleating on about not having enough money? Are they serious!”

@Miss_appropriat commented: “Poor choice of @ITV to be airing this with so many people worrying about how they’ll afford the rise in bills.

“At least we should be grateful they didn’t schedule it immediately after #MartinLewis money show! #keepingupwiththearistocats.”

@Rng88991 said: “#keepingupwiththearistocrats rub it in for the poor and the COVID his – how the other half live!”

@Lesanrachanbern added: “When bills are rocketing, poverty increasing, and people struggling, @ITV see it fit to show how the other half live, bit insensitive.”

@1011cheryl fumed: “Are they actually serious? Telling us how these poshos have now to earn their keep when the nation as a whole is on its a**e? Crass, awful programming #TheAristocrats.”

@RichNotts1 tweeted: “Watching #thearistocrats on ITV. These people pleading poverty. Absolute joke. Never done a days work in their life. Earned nothing but claiming huge responsibility.”

In episode one, Princess Olga Andreevna Romanoff, a descendant of the House of Romanov, explained how her mother wanted her to marry Prince Charles.

She revealed: “My mother always had delusions that she could get me married off to poor Prince Charles.

“That obviously wasn’t going to happen,” with her daughter Alexandra looking to her and quipping: “Thank God!”

Olga continued: “Because I was the wrong religion and a lot of other things but [my] mother was determined that this was going to happen. God knows why?

“I would have been terrible for him; He definitely had a lucky escape.”

Describing her perfect man to her daughter, Olga listed: “Tall, blonde, thin, the type of man I’ve always liked is a trained killer, ex-SAD, ex-Special Forces.

Keeping Up With The Aristocrats returns next Monday at 9pm on ITV. 

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